Great Immigration: Transfer of Ataturk Airport to New Istanbul Airport

A very important event will take place in Istanbul on April 6th, where the civil air traffic will be transferred from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul airport...

Great Immigration: Transfer of Ataturk Airport to New Istanbul Airport
2019-04-04 Last update 2020-10-21

Great Immigration: Transfer of Ataturk Airport to New Istanbul Airport

A very important event will take place in Istanbul on April 6th, where the civil air traffic will be transferred from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul airport.

The 6th of April was set as the date of the last civil flight from Ataturk Airport after 86 years of service while continuing public navigation and shipping for a certain period.

The airport is planned to be converted into a public park, while its buildings and halls will be transformed into exhibition and conference centers.

Ataturk Airport: Stations over time

Ataturk Airport was opened in 1912 under the name of Yeşilköy Airport. It was limited to military purposes and was first opened to civil aviation in 1933 on the first flight between Ankara and Istanbul.

On August 1, 1953, the airport was transformed from a local to an international airport. In 1971, it was equipped with five halls, each with a capacity of 5 million passengers per year. The exterior lines’ halls were opened in 1983.

Since 1985, the airport has been named the Ataturk International Airport. Over the years, it has served millions of travelers and aviation professionals, sharing their joys and sorrows and embracing their meetings and goodbyes.

After the airport was unable to keep pace with the increase in the number of passengers and trips, it was provided with 20 million passenger lines and a thousand additional parking spaces, as well as other facilities.

The construction of the exterior lines was completed in 22 months and entered into service in 2000, and it has been expanded by increasing the number of buildings and additional halls during the following period.

Ataturk Airport

Details of the move to the new Istanbul airport

The General Manager of Turkish Airlines said that the major transport operation will begin on Friday, April 5 at 3 am, and will end on April 6 at 10:00 am. The first flight will take off at 2 pm on the same day.

Turkish Airlines has begun preparations for the transition from Ataturk airport to Istanbul new airport, which is called the Great Migration. The following are the steps of the transition process in detail:

Flights to Stop in Istanbul for 12 hours!

All flights scheduled for 6 April will be suspended between 2 pm and 2 pm at both Ataturk Airport and Istanbul New Airport. Scheduled flights will begin at the new Istanbul airport at 2 pm on the same day.

The farewell trip will be to Singapore

The last Turkish Airlines flight will depart from Ataturk Airport to Singapore, while the first takeoff will take place after the major transfer from Istanbul new airport to Ankara.

The load is 47 thousand tons

Turkish Airlines will transport equipment that will fill 33 football stadiums and will increase the weight of the cargo from 47,000 tons. This load will be equivalent to 5,000 trucks. The trucks will travel 400,000 kilometers. This means that these trucks will travel ten times the diameter of the land. For the success of this huge operation more than 1800 workers will work for 45 hours.

Traffic regulation

In order to complete the transfer between the two airports without any problems, traffic and the closure of roads between Ataturk Airport and the new Istanbul Airport will be cut off from 10 pm on the 5th of April until 10 am on April 6.  

The traffic will be cut off from Yeşilyurt havuzlu roundabout through Ataturk Airport, as well as the road between Basın Ekspres Caddesi and the northern side road (O-7) (İCA), and from the North Marmara Highway No. O-6 to the entrance of Istanbul new airport.

Free transportation to Istanbul new airport for 15 days

The Mayor of Istanbul, Mouloud Oyesal, announced that Istanbul Municipality will provide passenger service from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul airport for free for 15 days.

During a press conference with Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mohammad Jahid Turhan said that the Greater Istanbul Municipality will provide logistical services to the airport in cooperation with all concerned ministries.

"We have taken all the necessary measures to transport the airport," he said. "How do people get to the airport? Those who wanted to go by car, there are ready positions, and those who wanted to reach by transport, we have published the routes of the airport buses HAVAİST, which reach the airport from all regions of Istanbul.

On the free transport, Oyesal said: A passenger may have mistakenly brought to Ataturk airport, which the municipality will move smoothly to the new airport.

Buses to the new airport will be from the following stations: Yenikapi, Bakirkoy, Otogar, Yenibosna, Beylikduzu, and Basaksehir in the European part of Istanbul, Kadikoy and Umraniye in the Asian part of Istanbul the bus fare is 18 TL.
Roads that will be closed:

  • Paralı yol Küçükçekmece (Depozito istikameti)
  • Depozito gelip basınekspres istikameti TEM kuzey ve TEM güneye
  • (Depozitodan gelip (paralı yoldan gelip TEM güneye dönüş tersten
  • TEM güney Mahmutbey’den gelip basınekspres havalimanı istikametine
  • TEM kuzey İstoç’tan gelip AHL istikameti basınekspres
  • Basınekspres’ten gelip AHL istikameti Halkalı-İkitelli ayrımları
  • İkitelli köprü üzeri Bağcılar’dan gelip Basınekspres, AHL istikameti köprü üzerinden Halkalı istikametine yönlendirilecek Basınekspres’ten gelip AHL istikameti İkitelli köprü altına tersten araç verilmeyecek İkitelli-Halkalı AHL istikameti basınekspres istikametine araç verilmeyecek
  • Basınekspres AHL istikameti Güneşli köprü Halkalı katılım
  • Güneşli köprüden gelip AHL istikameti köprü üzerinden basınekspres AHL istikametine akım verilmeyecek Güneşli köprüden Halkalı içerisinden AHL istikametine tersten araç verilmeyecek
  • Güneşli köprüden Halkalı içerisinden AHL istikametine akım verilmeyecek
  • Basınekspres’ten AHL istikameti Altınyıldız köprü Sefaköy ayrımı tersten araç verilmeyecek
  • Basınekspres AHL istikameti Altınyıldız köprü Starcity den gelen akım Sefaköy’e yönlendirilecek
  • Basınekspres AHL istikameti Altınyıldız köprüye Sefaköy istikametinden gelen akım tersten verilmeyecek
  • Sefaköy Altınyıldız’dan gelip AHL istikametine gelen akım Pulmann otel önünden Kuyumcukent köprüye yönlendirilecek
  • Basınekspres AHL istikameti Kuyumcukent (Çobançeşme) karat 34 onu
  • Kuyumcukent köprü üzerinden AHL basınekspres istikametine Ladin Sokaktan Altınyıldız köprüye yönlendirilecek
  • Basınekspres’ten E-5 kuzey
  • Basınekspres’ten E-5 güney

    Alternative ways:
  • Tayakadın D-20 İstikameti
  • Bolluca İhsaniye Yolu
  • Odayeri Kemerburgaz Yolu
  • İstanbul Caddesi
  • Eski Edirne Asfaltı
  • Mahmutbey Yolu
  • Başakşehir 4. Etap Yolu
  • TEM Kuzey Güney Yol
  • İkitelli Caddesi
  • Halkalı Caddesi
  • Koçman Caddesi
  • Bahar Caddesi
  • Çınar Caddesi
  • Cemal Ulusoy Caddesi
  • 20 Temmuz Caddesi
  • Değirmenbahçe Caddesi
  • E-5 Kuzey Güney Yol
  • Adnan Kahveci Bulvarı
  • Sahil Kennedy Caddesi
  • D-20 Hasdal Kemerburgaz Yolu
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü

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