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Turkey is the best route for gas to Europe

: 2016-09-17

Turkey is the best route for gas to Europe
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In his assessment done about the position of Turkey in the European energy markets, the Oil and Gas Business Improvement Manager in Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL), which is a competent company in providing consultancy services in the field of oil, gas and renewable energy production, Tobias Rosenbaum assured that the "Turkish runoff" gas pipeline is a valuable project, and there is no doubt that Turkey is going to become the center of natural gas for Europe.

Rosenbaum believed that in the future, large quantities of natural gas will be transferred from various sources to the European markets through Turkey since Turkey has an extensive network of natural gas pipelines, especially that the necessary procedures for transferring this large amount of gas will be soon taken.

Rosenbaum underlined that Turkey occupies an important place in the European energy markets. Adding that "the Turkish runoff" is practically a prosperous and successful project, and there is no doubt that Turkey is an important center of natural gas for Europe as a result of the Turkey's strategic geographical location; Turkey can buy natural gas from Russia and from the Caspian Sea, not to forget the gas reserves in the Black Sea. If all these factors been gathered well, the future of Turkey in this regard is guaranteed and that will definitely contribute to the development and growth of the Turkish economy.

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