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Turkey among the Top 10 Countries for Real-Estate Purchase

: 2017-01-09 Modified date : 2019-03-26

Turkey among the Top 10 Countries for Real-Estate Purchase
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The British magazine " A Place in the Sun" specialized in real-estate chose Turkey as among the top 10 countries for the purchase of Properties for 2017, for the second time respectively, where the magazine has chosen Turkey as well last year.

The magazine pointed out that although Turkey has gone through a turbulent year as a result of the fruitless coup attempt last year, but it maintained its position as a major destination for the purchase of properties, and continued rising sales of real-estate after one month of the attempted coup, which confirms investors' confidence in the Turkish economy.

The magazine added that more than 35 thousand British owned properties in Turkey, praising government facilitations with regard to the foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey, where it is possible to get title deed of the property in just one day.

 The real-estate sales in Turkey amounted over 2016 approximately 1,000,149 thousand and 122 apartments, as reported by the Director General of Land Registry.

Istanbul was considered as the most Turkish city in the sales of properties, followed by the capital Ankara, and Izmir, followed by all of the "Tunjala", "Bayburt", and "Adana" cities as the less real-estate sales during 2016.

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