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Turkey is the natural gas transit point to Europe

: 2016-09-20

Turkey is the natural gas transit point to Europe
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Ms. Carolyn Meyer, the President of the London Asset Management Company of LVB ‘’ Lehigh Valley Business’’, stated that about 5% of the gas and crude oil produced around the world passes through Turkey. Saying that when Iran is open to the global markets, the only route to transfer the Iranian gas and oil to Europe will pass through Turkey. She also added that the geographical location of Turkey makes it a destination where no one can go in this area without passing through Turkey, and Turkey will get a sufficient share of the tasks to be taken on, being the route for the transfer of energy.

Ms. Meyer also made it clear that Turkey is moving forward to be an important European energy hub since it is considered as one of the most countries in the world which holds the task of energy transfer. Turkey occupies a worldwide important position when it comes to the energy transfer. At the same time, Ms. Meyer noted that the stability of Turkey is a prerequisite for the commercial operations to be held wider and bigger.

Ms. Carolyn concluded, "Turkey has the potentials and capabilities to achieve a lot in the area, for that, the tensions in the region must be eased. Besides, she stressed that Turkey has a very bright future since it can contribute in the reconstruction of Syria, as much as it can contribute in Iran openness to the western world linking Iran to the European markets."

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