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Turkey Hosts the Best Investors of the World at the End of this Month

: 2016-10-17

Turkey Hosts the Best Investors of the World at the End of this Month
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The Turkish Prime Minister, Ben Ali Yildirim, announced that his country will host the best international investors, at a meeting to be held on this October 27th, in order to remove their doubts and hesitation about investing in Turkey.

Yildirim added in his comments to a group of reporters specialist in economic affairs, saying the meeting will be attended by the heads of the board of directors of the best investment companies in the world, to clarify the good ground for investing in Turkey.

The Turkish Prime Minister also stressed that Turkey must get ready to receive investors, especially after bad examples witnessed by the investors and the sector of international finance in a reference to the law of the US " Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act," known for short as "JASTA;" which allows for the families of victims of the Sept. / 11, to sue Saudi Arabia.

Yildirim determines Gulf investors' concerns

The Turkish Prime Minister said: "Gulf investors want a long-term investment in Turkey in sectors of telecommunications, ports, petrochemical industries, and mining, in addition to the willing of some investors to open joint banks.

Yildirim pointed out that all indicators show that the Turkish economy will improve in the fourth quarter of this year.

On the presidential system and its impact on the economy and investment in Turkey, Yildirim said that the presidential system is considered the largest reform in Turkey; because "it achieves firm and lasting stability in Turkey."

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