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Turkey impress the world by its measures against the rising of the dollar's rates

: 2016-12-05

Turkey impress the world by its measures against the rising of the dollar's rates
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In light of the unprecedented dollar fluctuations witnessed by Turkey in recent times, trade in the country is nearing to enter a stalemated stage in goods and exports, even the properties and rents have been restructured in line with the dollar that increases causing ebbing and diminishing in the real estate market; there is fear from buying and regret for what it was sold.

Then the Turkish state denounced in its speeches clearing that there are hidden hands that are the first accused of using the dollar as a stumbling block in front of Turkey and its economy. Mr.President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, gave speeches about taking actions and measures to strengthen the Turkish Lira.

In this regard, he opened one of his speeches talking to those invisible hands, saying:"this people, the Turkish people, did not even leave their shoes to your murderers whose hands contaminated with blood. So do not try to make it a trump card in your hands, And if you think that you are capable of breaking Turkey down by playing with the exchange and currency rates using them as your weapon and an arena for challenge, you have to see soon that you are deluded."

The most significant of those measures, which topped the urgency are the Turkish Lira and gold.

Mr.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the Turkish lira will be supported in all transactions, contracts, rent, and sale without any foreign currency exchange, saying "I am confident that we are able to invent new ways of using the alternative solutions."

He also added, "We will make the money gold"; meaning that the stock market in Turkey will be coupled with gold only away from the dollar.

And the descendants of the Ottomans actually answered the national call for the benefit of their country's economy and prosperity, where every individual has contributed with all that they can

some wrote "A carpet of 6 meters is a gift from us to those whom bring us a bill proving that they sold 2,000 dollars for Turkish Lira."

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