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Turkey Aims to Increase the Number of Arab Visitors to 5 Million in 2017

: 2017-02-15

Turkey Aims to Increase the Number of Arab Visitors to 5 Million in 2017
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Over 50 representative of Turkish tour companies headed to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, to introduce Turkey as stated, in the context of the campaign launched by the Turkish President "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" in order to support the Turkish tourism sector this is according to the chairman of the Assembly of Turkish tourism companies "Hussein Bayram" in Istanbul.

Companies during this campaign plans to introduce the Turkish tourism sector in the Gulf countries according to Bayram, noting that Turkey has witnessed the arrival of a large number of gulf tourists during the last ten years, where Turkey received more than two million tourists from the Gulf last year, while It aims to raise this number during the current year 2017.

In this context, Bayram stressed the importance of the visits by Turkish President to Arab countries, pointing that the number of tourists from these countries has risen in each visit conducted by Erdogan to about %20.

Chairman of the Association of Arab tourism companies and the development of Turkish tourism "Ahmed Kerk" said that they are aiming to raise the number of Arab visitors to Turkey in 2017 for about 5 million tourists, noting that the interest of Arab tourism in Turkey is increasing day after day.

Istanbul will receive during the period between February 16 to 18 the activities of the global tourism forum in its third edition, where it is expected to witness the presence of many dignitaries including 20 ministers of tourism from different countries.

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