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Turkey the safe place for the Arab investors

: 2016-11-09 Modified date : 2019-03-25

Turkey the safe place for the Arab investors
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According to the statistics and data provided by the Housing Cooperation to Turkey News, 220 apartments were sold to Iraqi citizens over the last year.

The citizens of Saudi Arabia follow Iraqi citizens in this regard periodically since they owned 140 apartments, followed by the Russian Federation with 99 apartments, then Kuwait with 85 apartments, finally England with 84 apartments.

One of the officials in the sector said, "Arabs look to Turkey as a safe haven out of the other countries just like gold among the metals.

He said, "Owning properties in Turkey is not limited to businessmen of Middle East, as it is available to anyone interested and aspiring to own properties in Turkey." He added, "There is a public perception that says (the dust of Istanbul is gold), we actually believe that the dust of all the cities and places in the eyes of the Turkish nation is gold such as Bursa, Trabzon, Ordu, Mersin, Adana, Çanakkale, and Ankara.

The Arab capital exceeded expectations

Mr. Onur Öngün, the Sector's President, said while discussing this matter that the Arab capital and the extensive demand for real estate projects have exceeded all expectations.

Adding, "The general perception is that Turkey is a safe haven for investment (as he put it on) and that has made the demand on investments and acquisitions increase. For example, they find out that the infrastructure and superstructure on its way to the World wrestling and defying the concepts of speed and time, and the value of every inch of land they invested will be doubled exponentially year after year; this is of course a proof that Turkey is a country of opportunities and investment."



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