Turkey's Furniture Exports are Ranked Eighth Globally

Turkish furniture exports have made significant progress, with a world ranking of eighth, in exporting furniture abroad, follow up details with Imtilak Real Estate.

Turkey's Furniture Exports are Ranked Eighth Globally
2020-09-15 Last update 2021-03-15

Turkey's Furniture Exports are Ranked Eighth Globally

Turkish furniture exports have made a qualitative leap, including ranking eighth in the world ranking of furniture exports, according to the World Center's (CSIL) annual report. Imtilak Real Estate spotted this news.

Turkey's Furniture Exports Advance Six World Rankings

According to the annual report published by the Centre for Industrial Studies' (CSIL), which is one of the global references to statistics on commercial and industrial sectors around the world; Turkey has made significant progress in exporting furniture, after jumping six rankings, to rank eighth globally in furniture exports.

In the details of the report published under the title "World Fortune Outlook 2020-2021," Turkey's furniture sector exports reached $2.9 billion in 2019".

This was a major advance in the export of furniture, moving Turkey from the fourteenth to eighth globally, in the export of furniture, surpassing Denmark, France, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

China ranked first among the world's top furniture exporters, with exports of $53.9 billion in 2019, second to Bologna, with exports of $11.5 billion, and Germany third, with exports of $10.9 billion. The top eight rankings were as follows:

The volume of furniture exports 2019
53.9 billion dollars
11.5 billion dollars
11.4 billion dollars
10.9 billion dollars
10.8 billion dollars
4.7 billion dollars
3.7 billion dollars
2.9 billion dollars


Commenting on the report, Mr. Ahmed Gulec, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union of Paper Exporters, Timber Products and Mobilia in Istanbul, said:

Turkey is making continuous progress in the world export market of furniture, and we were in this market at 21st rank in 2014, which means that we have achieved a great achievement in the last five years, raising us to number eight globally in the market for the export of furniture”.

He continued: "In the past year alone, we have made significant progress, with the increase in Turkish furniture exports 12% over the previous year, and with that increase we have risen six global rankings, taking the lead over many countries, which are important in the market".

He added: "This report, which is a remarkable global reference, states that our exports amounted to $2.9 billion, but that if we look at the real number of furniture exports, it is close to $3.5 billion”. Some of our furniture exports are accounted for among the exports of metals and other non-mineral chemicals manufactured”.

Turkish furniture exports’ efforts to reach the top five in the world

Mr. Gulec referred to this year's exports: "Turkey is overtaking many countries in the top five, such as Bologna and Vietnam. This superiority lies in the fact that it is not linked to a single export market, which exports to nearly 180 countries".

He added about the high quality of Turkish furniture exports: "Our furniture exports are high-quality, in their logistics, designs and production speed, and they occupy a prominent position in the quality of the product. They are characterized by a low labor operating cost, which leaves them on track to advance to the top ranks globally".

Speaking of the objectives to be achieved he added: “We aim to reach a volume of $10 billion in 2023, and we are now one step away from achieving this, which was as distant, as the dream of 2014”.


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