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Turkish Industrial Production Is Witnessing an Increase in 2017

: 2017-03-11

Turkish Industrial Production Is Witnessing an Increase in 2017
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Industrial production index witnessed a significant increase by %1.3 in January compared to the last month of 2016, that is according to the statistical data of the Turkish Statistical Institution.

The Turkish Statistical Foundation in a statement, announced the results of the statistic prepared for industrial production index for January of the current year in Turkey.

Economists whom participated in industrial production statistic have expected that the index will rise at a rate of 4.6 in January compared to the same period of 2016.

According to a statement of the Turkish Statistical Authority, the industrial production index has risen %4.3 last January, at a level of 121.4, while in 2016 for the same month remained at a level of 116.4.

In a separate context when examining the core industry groups on the impact of the season and calendar, we see a rise by % 3.7 which is the largest increase compared to last January.

According to data from sub transformational industries affected by season and calendar, the industry of furniture transformation has seen an increased by more than %18 compared to the same period last year, and in this increase metals products industry has increased (other than machinery and equipment) at a rate of %12.15, followed by coke and refined petroleum products at a rate of %11.2.

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