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The Turkish Lira Is Stable and Strong Against the Dollar

: 2017-05-22 Modified date : 2019-03-30

The Turkish Lira Is Stable and Strong Against the Dollar
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The exchange rate of the dollar in the Turkish markets reached a level of 3.56 Turkish liras per dollar and the fluctuating exchange rate in the early hours of the day was slightly below this figure and higher.

The political unrest in the US after 18 May caused investors to raise fears, which led to a slight increase in the exchange rate in the Turkish markets, but prices started to fall again, falling from 3.6415 to 3.5760 to 3.5588 today and was settled at a level approximately close to 3.56.

This is, of course, has led to a relief in the Turkish markets and in Istanbul Stock Exchange index, which was originally experiencing an unprecedented rise last month, it rose to 96.087 points, 0.99%.

Markets are closely following changes at the political level. The re-election of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to head the AK Party after 2.5 years again is an important factor for both the markets and investors.

Experts predict that the fall of the dollar may continue in the coming days, which is a significant factor to attract foreign investment more to Turkey.

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