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Turkish Official Expects Good Economic Growth in Turkey Through 2017

: 2017-02-07 Modified date : 2019-03-27

Turkish Official Expects Good Economic Growth in Turkey Through 2017
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The Turkish Deputy Minister of Finance "Cengiz Yavilio?lu" expressed confidence in the Turkish economic growth through 2017, pointing out that Turkey's economic situation is very good compared with other countries in the world.

About the current volatilities in the Turkish lira against the dollar, Cengiz demanded after the sufficiency not only to consider the internal factors, but to take into account the role of international factors in the currency volatility, pointing that the global markets are uncertain, after the coming of “Donald Trump" to the American presidency, where the world is living in a state of alert for the new economic programs, which will be issued from the White House.

Cengiz said in an interview with the Anadolu agency that the country's economy continued to grow, at a time when the European economy retracted, and the indicators of the Turkish economy is better than the average of developing countries rates.

The Turkish government has put forward plans to boost the economy, some of them has entered into effect. Recently, the Turkish prime minister, "Ben Ali Yildirim" announced the allocation of 13 billion Turkish liras, from the current budget of the year 2017, in order to boost economic activity in the 23 Turkish states.

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