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US economist requests to switch Obama president with Erdogan!

: 2016-09-13 Modified date : 2019-03-12

US economist requests to switch Obama president with Erdogan!
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On the sidelines of "the overall Turkish economy success story conference" held in Ankara, the global economic 'Arthur Laffer,' reported that the Turkish economy is in a very good condition; heading straight upwards, basing on the successful economic plans - he admired - laid down by the Turkish government at the time.

Laffer added: "If you want to see a bad economy, come to the United States of America. And Turkey's economy is doing very well in a world that is not doing well."

Laffer stated that there is a misconception in the world about the Turkish economy, and continued in his speech saying: "In fact, when I told my friends that I am coming to Turkey, they all asked me if there is any chance that we could switch presidents. We will give you Obama if you give us Erdogan. I wish we were doing as well as Turkey is. The actions you have taken in the fields of ??taxation and privatization deserve an applause. And if you continue in this way, prosperity in this country will increase significantly more and more ".

It's worth mentioning that Laffer is considered as one of the best American economies in the world. He is best known for the Laffer curve theory. Moreover, Laffer first gained prominence during the former US president Reagan administration as a member of Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board. Laffer also offered his services to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and to many other world leaders.

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