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Wastes in Konya Provide 26 Thousand Homes with Electricity

: 2017-02-01

Wastes in Konya Provide 26 Thousand Homes with Electricity
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The wastes transfer station production in Konya city the central of Turkey, reached about 215 million and 155 thousand and 287 Kw of electric energy, since its establishment five years ago, that is according to the mayor of the city "Tahir Akyürek", in an interview with the Anadolu agency.

The station provides the requirements of about 26 thousand houses of electrical energy with a capacity of 5.6 MW per day, through the power generator through the extraction of methane from solid wastes, which are up to about 359 tons of wastes that are thrown per day.

Akyürek stressed that the government is the giving projects that are related to the environmental protection, and the use of renewable energy sources special attention.

The volume of the Turkish government expenditure in the framework of support of renewable energy sources last year, has reached about 11 billion and 479 million Turkish liras (about $ 3 billion).

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