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World Bank to Support Syrians' Education in Turkey

: 2017-01-28

World Bank to Support Syrians' Education in Turkey
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The Ministry of Education headquarter in the Turkish capital Ankara has witnessed, signing of protocols with the World Bank on Friday. Turkey receives whereby the amount of 150 million euros, in order to support the education of the children of Syrian refugees.

The signing was attended by all of the " Johannes Zutt " World Bank Director - Turkey branch, and " Ercan Demirci " Turkish Deputy counselor in the Ministry of Education, and "Simona Gatti" Head of Cooperation Department in the EU mission.

Demirci said that giving an opportunity of good education, is not different from rescuing them from drowning in the sea, also he pointed out that the Syrian refugees’ responsibility falls on the whole world, not just Turkey.

In this context, Johannes Zutt expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the efforts made by the Turkish Ministry of Education for Syrian refugees.

It should be noted that approximately 200 thousand Syrian children are receiving their education in the Turkish schools, and about 300 thousand others are receiving their education in the camps, the Turkish shelter centers.

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