Ranking and strength of the Turkish passport 2022

Learn about the strength of the Turkish passport for  2022, and the ranking of the Turkish passport during the same year. Follow the up-to-date information by Imtilak Real Estate.

Ranking and strength of the Turkish passport 2022

Turkish laws provide the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship for foreign investors in the case that they purchase a property worth $400,000, provided that the property is not sold for a period of 3 years. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership is described as one of the best, fastest, and most feasible ways. As it combines the acquisition of a house in Turkey and the opportunity to live in a sophisticated and civilized country, in addition to the possibility of benefiting from the property by renting it in the event that you do not want to live in it, or investing it by reselling it after a period of 3 years with a profitable return.

Therefore, it is an opportunity to own, invest and obtain Turkish citizenship with its strong passport at the same time! Given the importance of this topic, in the following lines we will answer several questions about the strength of the Turkish passport 2022:

What is the ranking of the Turkish passport in 2022?

Regarding the question about the ranking of the Turkish passport 2022, it ranks 37th according to the passportindex website, which specializes in evaluating passports globally.

The mechanism for classifying the strength of passports according to the mentioned website depends on several criteria, such as: the number of countries allowed to travel to without a visa, the countries that request a visa at the airport or the electronic visa, the countries that impose visa on passport holders, and the duration of the visa given.

The strength of Turkish passport in 2022

The strength of the Turkish passport is that it gives its owner the opportunity to enter 105 countries without a prior visa, 61 of them without the need for a travel visa (visa), and 44 via a visa that can be obtained upon arrival.

While there are 93 countries that must be traveled to by obtaining a visa, noting that the Turkish passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world, so that many countries that require a visa, grant them on easy terms to holders of Turkish citizenship.

Not to mention, among the advantages of the Turkish passport is that it gives you the right to enter the countries of the European Union, provided that you obtain a Schengen visa.

The future of the Turkish passport: will it weaken or will it get stronger?

There is no doubt that the reality of Turkey's political stability, the international agreements concluded with various countries around the world, and the role that Turkey plays and imposes on the international arena, plays an important role in increasing its stability, and thus affects the strength of its citizens' passports.

The Turkish passport holder can also enter the following European countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro. In the case of Turkey's accession to the European Union, entry to the countries of the Union will undoubtedly be available.

Turkish passport strength in 2022

Is a Turkish passport worth $400,000 to obtain in return for buying a property?

To answer this question, we present the following points:

  • The phased depreciation of the Turkish lira led to a significant relative decline in real estate prices in Turkey, which gave foreign investors opportunities for profitable real estate investment in the future, with obtaining Turkish citizenship as a result of these investments under Turkish laws.
  • Turkish law does not require the purchase of specific types of real estate, as a condition for obtaining citizenship through real estate investment, but rather offers various options that suit the investor's needs such as housing, land, commercial buildings, and others.
  • Ease of granting the family of a foreign investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, but the only exception to this is the investor's children who are over 18 years old.
  • The dual citizenship system in Turkey allows investors to keep the original citizenship and the Turkish citizenship they seek to obtain, and enjoy its advantages. The laws in Turkey provide for the possibility of acquiring Turkish citizenship, with the right to retain the original citizenship, without any of them affecting the other.
  • Many Arab and foreign investors prefer Turkish citizenship and offer it even over some European nationalities, due to the nature of Turkey and its ancient Islamic civilizational heritage, the space for freedom in it, and the facilities it offers to investors.
  • The possibility for a Turkish citizen to enter 5 countries through a Turkish ID card and without the need for a Turkish passport, and these countries are: Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, in addition to Turkish Cyprus, with the opportunity still exists to conclude similar agreements with other countries; which adds more value to obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property.

All these factors and other reasons increase our confidence in answering: Yes to the question raised above, especially since the holder of Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property that can recover the price of his property after 3 years of purchase by selling it, and he has a great chance of profiting in the property if he chooses his property properly and makes good use of it.


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