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Britain on the Top Countries Providing the Turkish Markets with Foreign Capitals

: 2017-03-02

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Britain on the top list of most foreign countries providing the Turkish markets with foreign capitals during 2016, where the total value of the British capital $ 961 million during the period.

Sources in the ministry of Turkish economy explained that the British capitals that entered the Turkish markets last year were increased by 64.3 percent, compared with the British monetary funds during 2015.

According to the same sources, Netherlands has followed Britain providing the Turkish markets with cash amounted  $ 956 million, and Germany came in third place with $ 430 million.

The Austrian capital in Turkey was increased by 351 percent, reaching $ 361 million, after this number was up to $ 80 million during 2015.

Despite the failed coup attempt on July 15 2016, the Turkish market has attracted investments and foreign capitals reached a total value of $ 12.1 billion over the last year.

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