10 Things You Have to Pay Attention to in the Rental Contract in Turkey

10 Things You Have to Pay Attention to in the Rental Contract in Turkey

تاريخ الاضافة : Dec , 07 2016

When signing the contract, beware to some points in the lease contract, namely:

Signature: before signing the contract, the tenant have to check the records and verification of the property and the identity of the original owner, and then sign the contract with the owner of the property, or who is a client of the owner with the approval of a notary.

Personal Identification: all information about the owner such as the name, surname, and national number (T.C) must be provided, in addition to the information and address of the sponsors of the owner and tenant, if any.

The lease and Payment Method: detailed information showing the payment method, date of payments, and bank account number must be written, and the rent must be shown as a figure and word.

Accumulated Entitlements: you have to pay attention if there is any article in the contract that undertakes not to transfer any accumulated entitlements to the new tenant such as water and electricity bells.

Incorrect Address Information: you have to check carefully the site and address of the home set forth in the contract, if it is true or not, if there is any difference in the address, it might be a reason to reject the official transaction or delay it.

In Case of Contention: the contract must contain detailed information about the court to be invoked to and authorizing to manage the civil procedures in the event of contention between the two parties.

The terms of insurance: if the owner asks the tenant to pay an amount as an insurance, then it must be mentioned in the contract signed by the two parties (the owner and tenant), and the cases that repeal the right to refund the insurance money must be written in this case.

Rent Increase: the contract must contain detailed information about the rent increase asked by the owner.  Like mentioning the average of the increase in the rent, mentioning period of time the increase is to be applied in detail that leaves no doubt.

The presence of the two parties at the same place: that means, the owner and the tenant together must sign the contract at the same time. In case the owner had clients, they should attend on behalf of the owner. Further, both parties are supposed to sign on each page of the contract.

Tenant responsibilities, among the things that should be discussed between the owner and the tenant is the revenue and financial dues of the leased property. As if the leased property was an apartment in a residential building, the tenant is obliged to pay the revenue dues.

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