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Turkey will not submit and you are dceived

: 2016-12-07

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+ حجم الخط -

Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during (the selected thirtieth) meeting, held a discussion in which he noted that the terrorism sponsors went in a new way without the need to use weapons and bombs.

Saying, "We have to discuss these attacks that attacked our economy, and I would like to say to the invisible hands who are in the circle of doubt: Beware from making these people your trump card that you swallow with few cheap dollars."

"These people did not leave even their shoes to your murderers whose hands contaminated with blood. These people have contributed to support their homeland's economy by 2.5 billion dollars since the day after the coup, so if you think that you can make Turkey succumbed by making the exchange rates and currency a weapon and an arena for the challenge, be careful that you are deceived; I said during the 2008 economic crisis that it would not reflect on Turkey and it would pass away just as a spectrum. While the developing countries were sinking because of that crisis in 2008, Turkey has entered since 2010 the progress stage that impressed the whole world."

"And I bring you good news that we will gain the first places, expansion and progress, among the developed countries despite the phenomenon and stage we are going through, as we may resort to cutting our way with our hands in wars and martial arts strategy, here too we will make the necessary precautions and solutions for developing our country and defending it ourselves, and I trust in my people."

"Our first step will be replacing the foreign currency by the Turkish lira in the public contracts and transactions; and we will keep this approach from now on. I am confident that we are able to invent new ways using alternative solutions as a system of funding with no winner (benefits), for example."

Adding, "The way of Turkey is clear and obvious, and when we reach our objectives in 2023, we will be more confident in ourselves while looking to the future."

He added: "How creative was the poet Mehmet Akif in the independence song! When he said:

My friend! Leave not my homeland to the hands of villainous men!

Render your chest as armor and your body as bulwark! Halt this disgraceful assault!

For soon shall come the joyous days of divine promise;

Who knows? Perhaps tomorrow? Perhaps even sooner!

View not the soil you tread on as mere earth - recognize it!

And think about the shroudless10 thousands who lie so nobly beneath you.

You're the glorious son of a martyr - take shame, grieve not your ancestors!

Unhand not, even when you're promised worlds, this paradise of a homeland.

Who would not sacrifice his life for this paradise of a homeland?

That is why we call "one nation, one flag, one state, one homeland."

: 2016-12-07

: 407

+ حجم الخط -
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