Discovering Al Fakhriyah: A Gem in Dammam's Real Estate and Lifestyle



Discovering Al Fakhriyah: A Gem in Dammam's Real Estate and Lifestyle
Al Fakhriyah neighborhood in Dammam is a prominent area known for its high quality of life and investment opportunities it offers. This neighborhood is distinguished by its strategic location, rich history, advanced infrastructure, and high-value real estate. Here's a detailed overview of Al Fakhriyah under the requested headings.

Location and Its Strategic Importance

Al Fakhriyah is located in Dammam, one of the most important cities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Situated in the northeastern part of the city, it offers an ideal blend of tranquility and easy access to the city center and other vital facilities. This geographical positioning provides residents with quick access to major roads and arteries connecting the neighborhood with the rest of the city and surrounding areas, such as King Fahd Road and Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road, facilitating movement and reducing travel time within and outside Dammam.

History and Development

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The history and development of Al Fakhriyah reflect the profound transformations witnessed by Dammam, evolving from a quiet coastal town into a vibrant center of economic and urban activity. Initially, Al Fakhriyah was a desert area on the outskirts of Dammam, with minimal construction and population. With the city's population growth and urban expansion, the area began attracting developers and investors.

Over the past few decades, Al Fakhriyah experienced a significant construction and development boom. The government and private sector made substantial investments to transform the area into an attractive residential neighborhood, focusing on modern infrastructure and public facilities.

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With improved infrastructure, residential and commercial real estate values rose, attracting more residents and businesses to the neighborhood. Roads, healthcare services, educational institutions, and recreational areas were developed, enhancing the quality of life in Al Fakhriyah.

In recent years, efforts have focused on making Al Fakhriyah a more sustainable and integrated neighborhood, maintaining a balance between urban growth and environmental conservation. Projects to improve energy efficiency, expand green spaces, and promote public transportation have been introduced.

Infrastructure in Al Fakhriyah

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The infrastructure in Al Fakhriyah is one of the key factors that have made it one of the most attractive neighborhoods for residents and investors in Dammam. This includes:

Roads and Transportation

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Al Fakhriyah is connected to a wide network of main and secondary roads that facilitate access to various parts of Dammam and adjacent areas. Notable roads include:

  • King Fahd Road: One of the vital arteries in Dammam, facilitating access to and from the neighborhood.
  • Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road: Connects the neighborhood with other major areas in Dammam, serving as a primary mobility axis.
  • Gulf Road: Provides quick access to the waterfront and tourist attractions.
Educational Institutions

  • Al Fakhriyah Primary School: Known for its distinguished primary education.
  • Al Fakhriyah Boys' Secondary School: Offers high-quality secondary education to the neighborhood's residents.
  • The International Islamic University: Offers a wide range of academic specializations and educational programs.
Healthcare Institutions

  • Dammam Central Hospital: Offers a broad range of medical and therapeutic services.
  • Al Fakhriyah Medical Center: A comprehensive healthcare center serving the neighborhood's residents in various specialties.
Shopping Malls

  • Al Fakhriyah Mall: One of the key shopping centers in the neighborhood, featuring a wide range of stores and international brands.
  • Dammam Mall: Located close to the neighborhood, offering a complete shopping and entertainment experience for families.
Recreational Facilities

  • Al Fakhriyah Park: An ideal place for picnics and outdoor activities among the
  • Dammam Corniche: Minutes away from the neighborhood, a popular destination for residents to enjoy seaside views and family activities.
Al Fakhriyah, Dammam

Living in Al Fakhriyah

Living in Al Fakhriyah offers several aspects that make it attractive for residents and investors alike, including:

  • Strategic location: Offers easy access to main roads and vital areas in Dammam.
  • Peaceful and safe environment: Known for its quiet atmosphere and high-security level, ideal for families.
  • Advanced infrastructure: Provides all essential services from roads and transportation to healthcare and reputable educational institutions.
  • Diverse recreational and commercial facilities: Hosts many malls, markets, entertainment centers, and parks.
  • Variety of real estate options: Offers a wide range of real estate options from villas, and apartments, to fully-serviced residential complexes, catering to all needs and budgets.
  • High quality of life: Residents enjoy a high standard of living thanks to available services and facilities.
  • Promising investment opportunities: Due to the high demand for real estate and strategic location, the neighborhood is an ideal place for real estate investment.

Real Estate in Al Fakhriyah

Al Fakhriyah in Dammam is a sought-after neighborhood for living and real estate investment, thanks to the variety of properties and attractive living environment it offers. The neighborhood features upscale residential complexes, offering various options from luxurious apartments to detached and semi-detached villas.

Famous residential complexes in Al Fakhriyah include:

  • Al Fakhriyah Residential Complex: One of the most luxurious complexes in the neighborhood, offering villas and apartments with modern architectural designs and comprehensive facilities including green areas, sports centers, and playgrounds for children.
  • Diyar Al Fakhriyah Complex: Characterized by providing residential units that meet the needs of families looking for privacy and comfort, with unique views and luxurious interior designs.
Property prices in Al Fakhriyah vary greatly depending on the property type, size, and amenities. For example:

  • Villas: Prices may range from SAR 1,000,000 to SAR 3,000,000, depending on specifications and size.
  • Residential apartments: Prices can range from SAR 300,000 to SAR 700,000, based on the apartment size and finishing level.
The return on investment in Al Fakhriyah real estate is attractive compared to other areas, thanks to high demand and ongoing growth in the neighborhood. The annual return on investment can range from 5% to 8%, considered a good rate in the Saudi real estate market. This return can vary based on the property type, its location within the neighborhood, and market demand.

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