Buying a property in Turkey while you are in your country



Buying a property in Turkey while you are in your country

The issue of buying a property in Turkey online while you are in your country has become very easy, especially with the availability of many modern technologies.

Is it possible to buy a property in Turkey online?

With the rapid technological developments in our time, and in light of the many measures taken to fight against the Coronavirus in Turkey, campaigns to purchase real estate online begun in Turkey, especially for investors who want to obtain a property in the shortest possible time.

The use of digital tools, and the adoption of innovative methods in the property purchase process, has become the ideal solution to take quick action while investing in Turkey.

Based on these digital tools, Imtilak Real Estate has provided the opportunity to buy a property in Turkey online 100% securely to its valued customers, who are unable to come to Turkey and inspect the property on the ground, due to the current conditions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, which most countries are exposed to the world.

It is worth noting that at Imtilak Real Estate we offer all guarantees, which allow the ownership of real estate online, and in a manner that ensures the customer the existence of all the conditions, he desires in his property.

Buying a property in Turkey

What are the steps in buying a property in Turkey while in your country?

The first steps related to buying a property in Turkey while you are in your country, begin with communicating with customer service or real estate consultants in real estate companies or construction companies, providing ideas about the property to be purchased from the geographical location, and the specifications required in the property.

After making appropriate offers to the client in accordance with his or her requirements and the conditions established by them, the first step begins in the process of purchasing the property online.

Virtual tour

At Imtilak Real Estate, we take the client on a virtual tour, through one of the social media platforms, where three or four-dimensional cameras are filmed for the project area, the property details, and the interior parts of the property if available.

The virtual tour allows you to view the property as if you were in reality, whether through direct imaging with the latest advanced cameras, or by sending all the recorded videos, which highlight the property in its most accurate details, and show detailed explanations of the property and room divisions and the areas of the property from the inside.

The project plans are also sent to the client through the latest technologies, which show the total and net area of ​​the residential apartment and try to communicate all the accurate information and details that are required of the client when purchasing the property.

In addition, the purchase contract is sent to the client for a consultation, and if all the terms of the contract are approved, the second step begins in the purchase of the online property.

Money transfer

When an agreement is made between the two parties on the purchase of the specific property over the Internet, the customer must make the money transfer to the real estate company's account.

The money transfers include the first payment of the price of the property, or the payment of the total amount, according to the agreement between the two parties, and according to the method of payment available in the purchase of the property, and accordingly, the move to the next step is to purchase a property online.

Legal Agency via Noter (Notary)

After communicating with the real estate advisory department at Imtilak Real Estate, obtaining full information about the property to be purchased, and reviewing the free real estate advisor recommendations, coordination will be made with the client in order to send a legal agency for the purchase contract, regarding the specific property, to the real estate advisor at Imtilak Real Estate, via Turkish consulates or embassies located in the country in which you reside.

Then, Imtilak Real Estate begins with legally conducting all procedures related to real estate ownership in Turkey, including transferring ownership, obtaining a title deed, and receiving the property.

Imtilak Real Estate, after receiving the title deed, sends it along with all official documents related to the real estate, to the postal address or geographical address specified by the customer.

It should be noted that the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship can begin if the property complies with the conditions of naturalization in the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs.

ownership in Turkey

The risks and problems you face when buying property online and ways to deal with them

There is no doubt that buying property online includes some risks, which result from negative results in the end, for example, the property not conforming to the specifications seen through video technologies, is one of these risks that may result from buying property online.

In addition, there are some problems caused by some scam networks, which take photos of the properties that they do not actually own, and do not have their own title deed, or photograph another property similar to the videotaped property.

Therefore, we ask all customers to be careful when buying a property remotely and to choose real estate companies that have a long sale in the real estate market and have a good reputation among real estate companies.

We advise all those wishing to buy real estate to buy a ready-to-move-in property as much as possible. Also, to match all the areas mentioned in the building scheme with the areas of the apartment visible via video technology, and to ensure the validity and reliability of the bank account of the real estate company, to which the money will be transferred.

There are also other risks that impede and sometimes delay the purchase of property, such as errors in the Agency's deed and other official documents, especially in the writing of personal names, apartment, and building numbers, etc.

Therefore, we advise all clients to be careful when writing the deed at the consulate or embassy ​​and to match the information between the agency deed and the contract to purchase the property.

What are the guarantees offered by Imtilak Real Estate in the event of buying property online?

Imtilak Real Estate offers its customers a set of guarantees under which a property is purchased in Turkey online, which will protect the customer from falling into fraud that they may be exposed to.

Imtilak Real Estate transfers the official documents necessary for the transfer process from outside Turkey, where it sends the bank accounts of the real estate company, and accordingly the method of payment is completely secure.

The title deed can be requested for the property to be purchased by the customer, where the customer can match all the spaces mentioned in the video clip, with the original building plans, and with the title deed.

Making sure that the construction company is handled is absolutely necessary, and that it is a strong, highly credible, and trusted company among real estate companies in Turkey.

Is it possible to buy a property online and obtain Turkish citizenship?

After the completion of the procedures for the purchase of the property and obtaining the title deed, the Turkish citizenship proceedings shall commence in the event that the property corresponds to the requirements of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

According to Turkish laws, a landlord who agrees to the conditions of naturalization may apply for Turkish citizenship or may have a lawyer in Turkish embassies, to follow the proceedings of Turkish citizenship files, until the identity and Turkish passport have been received.

When the naturalization decision is issued, a copy of it is sent via e-mail to the client, then the customer goes to the Turkish Embassy in the country in which he or she is staying, gives a copy of the naturalization decision so that they can receive the Turkish identity, and apply for the Turkish passport if they wish to, while being at their country, without the trouble of coming to Turkey.

In this case, the client must prepare some personal official documents, for him, his family, and his children under the age of 18, such as a passport, personal photos, and other official documents required for the naturalization process.

We at Imtilak Real Estate have a team of specialized personnel, following up on the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship from A to Z. As we allow you to obtain a Turkish identity and passport, within a maximum period of 90 days.

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