Detailed information about Serdivan, Sakarya

Everything you need to know about the Serdivan area in Sakarya is offered by Imtilak Real Estate, in terms of its location, the nature of its weather, and the advantages of owning and living in it

Detailed information about Serdivan, Sakarya

An overview of the Serdivan region in Sakarya

It was natural for the Serdivan region in Sakarya to gain a good reputation at the urban level of the state given its many advantages, which we’re talking about in detail in our article.

The location of the Serdivan region in Sakarya

The Serdivan region in Sakarya forms an integral part of the city of Adapazari, which is the state's center and capital.

The Serdivan region is located on the northern side of Lake Sapanca, and on the western side of the city of Adapazari, and extends over a large area of ​​land distributed between high-end residential areas, and large areas of green agricultural land, and hills.

Although the population of Sakarya is about one million people, the population of Serdivan is 157,698 people, according to the city's population statistics department at the date of writing this article.

What are the most important features of the Serdivan region in Sakarya?

The Serdivan Directorate was established as an independent region on March 22, 2008, based on Law No. 5747.

Serdivan has been one of the fastest-growing regions in Turkey, for a very important reason; which is its transformation into a prominent real estate attraction due to its aesthetic features, and its pleasant environment as a park close to Istanbul, which can be reached within one hour by crossing the highway that connects the two states (Istanbul and Sakarya) to each other.

Sardivan Sakarya

Advantages of owning and living in Serdivan in Sakarya

We can outline the advantages of owning and living in Serdivan, Sakarya in the following main points:

  • The proximity of Serdivan is one of the most prominent tourist areas in the state of Sakarya, which is visited by local and foreign tourists.
  • Serdivan is described as a calm area, surrounded by beauty on all sides, such as the green mountains and the blue Sapanca lake.
  • Serdivan is famous for its plateau, which is considered a haven for those looking for relaxation, as well as for skydivers.
  • Being suitable for living and family stability.
  • A good social and service environment that meets the needs of everyone, whether educational, health, or recreational.
  • The apartments and villas are characterized by modern engineering designs.
  • Larger spaces at lower prices.

Infrastructure in the Serdivan region of Sakarya

In general, the infrastructure in Serdivan and the rest of the Adapazari districts in Sakarya is reasonably serviced, whether for those who aspire to live in it or spend enjoyable tourism holidays in its areas.

1. Roads and transportation

The Serdivan region is bordered on its southern end by the D100 highway, which extends westward to Kocaeli and Istanbul, and eastward to Düzce, Bolu, and other Turkish provinces.

Serdivan has transportation services covered by the Sakarya state transportation network, which is provided by the municipality through its various means of transportation, such as public and private buses (Dolmuş), in addition to the Istanbul-Sakarya train line, not to mention taxis, which are often a necessary transportation option.

2. Schools and universities

The Serdivan area includes an integrated educational environment, and Serdivan contains a large group of schools.

Moreover, the Serdivan region contains the campus of the famous Sakarya State University, which is one of the main and most advanced universities and provides education services to an increasing number of foreigners, especially Arabs.

3. Hospitals and health centers

Among the most famous hospitals located within the municipality of Serdivan:

  • Özel Adatıp Hastanesi
  • Sakarya Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Hastanesi

Prices of apartments in Serdivan, Sakarya

Imtilak Real Estate company provides you with special offers for owning apartments for sale in the Serdivan area, with beautiful architectural designs, and ideal housing specifications, at cheap prices starting from $115,000.

Some of these models can be found on the Imtilak Real Estate website, within a group of competitive options for Istanbul, both in terms of space and price.

Prices of apartments in Serdivan

The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate company in Serdivan, Sakarya

For example, we talk about the Evora Life project as one of the real estate projects with many features and close to the lap of nature and the beautiful Sapanca Lake within the Serdivan region.

The Evora Life project includes modern apartment models with relatively large areas, where the area of ​​one apartment is 140 meters and is divided into 3 rooms and a hall, with prices starting from about $120,000, with reference to the need to see price updates first-hand through your communication with Imtilak Real Estate company.

The apartments have central heating on the floors, hidden lighting systems in the salon ceilings, fully insulated tempered glass in the windows, as well as first-class ceramic floors and walls in bathrooms and kitchens, and many other additional advantages.

To check the many real estate ownership opportunities in Serdivan, you may contact our marketing department of Imtilak Real Estate company to learn about the most important projects in the Serdivan area in the wonderful green Sakarya.

How does Imtilak Real Estate company help you own a property in Sakarya?

Imtilak Real Estate company offers a range of advanced and advanced services in the field of real estate ownership in Turkey.

Our journey with our customers begins from the moment they arrive at Istanbul Airport or other nearby airports, then we transfer them to Sakarya, to discover the most important and best offers of ownership available, with the ownership facilities that we offer that make the currency of ownership smooth and easy, in the most professional way, especially in the field of after-sales services, we pay a great deal of attention and responsibility to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and meet all their aspirations and needs in the after-sale stage.

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مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

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