Investment in Ankara, Turkey: a comprehensive guide

A detailed guide on the types of investment in Ankara, Turkey. What are its advantages and what are the growth opportunities? Read also about the prospects of real estate investment in Ankara, and more.

Investment in Ankara, Turkey: a comprehensive guide

Investment in Ankara, Turkey: a comprehensive guide

The real estate advantages that Ankara enjoys among the Turkish states provide the opportunities for investment in Turkey wide open to foreign businessmen. Through this article, learn about Ankara and the advantages of investing in its real estate, and the most important types of other investments available in it.

Is Ankara a distinguished city for investment? Why?

Ankara is one of the main promising investment prospects for businessmen, thanks to its many investment components, represented by modern and developed areas, strong infrastructure, and diverse tourist places, which support the establishment of investments and ensure their success to a large extent.

The presence of many developed areas in Ankara prepares a strong ground for building real estate projects, and its location in central areas near the tourist attractions on the one hand, and its proximity to shopping centers and government, health, and educational institutions, on the other hand, makes it an ideal choice for investment. The most prominent areas in Ankara are:

  • Çankaya.
  • Keçiören.
  • Mamak.
  • Altındağ.
  • Sincan.

The Çankaya district is one of the most preferred areas in the Turkish capital by investors and traders, including the headquarters of embassies and ministries, and the most modern and sophisticated residential complexes in Ankara are concentrated.

The solid, strong, and advanced infrastructure that keeps pace with the requirements of the current era in Ankara, forms the solid base on which investments are built and ensures the success of investment projects of all kinds. This infrastructure includes the presence of many industrial cities, the diversity of commercial areas, and an integrated system of the modern transportation network, consisting of road and rail transportation, in addition to the international airport in Ankara, which provides rapid transfers inside and outside Turkey.

In addition, Ankara is among the largest Turkish states in terms of area and population, and it is one of the Turkish cities that has witnessed remarkable development and great growth in recent years, as the population in this city is approximately 5,663,322 people, according to statistics issued by the Directorate of Population in the state in the year 2020, and the geographical area over which the state of Ankara extends reaches 25,632 km2.

If Istanbul is a capital spanning two large continents, Ankara occupies an important geographical location in the center of the country, giving it a strategic dimension in Turkish geography, as it constitutes the meeting point between the roads heading to the various geographical regions in Turkey, and its lands extend to occupy an important part in the Inland Anatolia Region.

In terms of tourism, Ankara contains many monuments, including the Roman Column Road, the Roman Theater, the historic Ankara Cathedral, the Temple of Rome, hundreds of Ottoman mosques, such as the Aladdin Mosque and the Haci Bayram Mosque, and more than 50 museums, including the Museum of Ethnicities, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Museum of the War of Independence.

The city also includes the facilities of Turkish sovereignty, including the presidential palace "San Kaya", in which 11 presidents of Turkey have resided since the era of Ataturk, and the new presidential palace "Ak Saray" (White Palace), which was opened during the reign of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2014, and there are also Government official headquarters such as the Prime Ministry building, various ministries and parliament, and many parks and public parks.

With regards to medical facilities, the Medical City was opened in Ankara in 2019, to be one of the largest medical cities in Turkey, and includes 6 hospitals as follows: General Hospital, Cardiology Hospital, Neurological, and Orthopedic Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Children's Hospital, and Diseases Hospital feminine.

In terms of commercial centers, the Turkish capital includes a large group of markets and marketing malls, which include various types of local and international products, most notably:

  • Forum Outlet.
  • Kentpark Mall.
  • Galleria Mall.
  • Arcadium Center.
  • Bilkent Center.
  • Optimum Outlet.

In terms of education, the state of Ankara is ahead of other Turkish states by many steps, where you find many public and private universities recognized in most universities in the world, and occupies an advanced classification among international universities, and provides education in Arabic and English alongside the Turkish language, the most important of which are:

  • Ankara University.
  • Baskent University.
  • Yildirim Beyazit University.
  • Middle East Technical University.
  • Hacettepe University.
  • Atilim University.

Investment in Turkey

What are the best types of investment in Ankara, Turkey?

The strong infrastructure that Ankara enjoys, and the availability of many investment ingredients in it, have contributed to creating many investment opportunities in Ankara in many areas and various sectors.

As a general result, the investor will find a wide range of successful investment opportunities to choose from among the projects that may generate huge profits, and the most prominent types of investment in Ankara Turkey are the following:

1. Real estate investment

Due to the factors we mentioned, many investors turned their attention to real estate investment in Turkey in general, and Ankara real estate in particular, as it constitutes the political pole of the country and the economic and industrial center after Istanbul.

Those facts are confirmed by the figures issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, related to the sales of apartments in Turkey in general, during October of the current year 2021, in which Ankara came in second place after Istanbul in the percentage of real estate sales, after achieving sales of 13,466 apartments, and a rate of 9.8% of apartment sales throughout Turkey.

The real estate sector in Ankara has also witnessed an increasing demand for real estate by foreign investors in recent times, and foreign investments have witnessed great activity in this city, as Ankara achieved third place in Turkey, in terms of foreign sales of apartments during the first ten months of this year 2021. After registering, the number of real estate sales amounted to 2,755 apartments.

real estate investment in Turkey

2. Tourism investment

The diversity of tourist attractions in Ankara, and the great turnout it witnessed from tourists, made it a destination for tourism investments, as the city of Ankara has the strong ground for the establishment of many tourism projects. For example, there is an investment in the field of hotels, which is one of the most popular projects by tourists throughout the year, and it is a great investment option thanks to its large investment returns, which rise annually by between 8% and 15% of the value of the property.

Investment in the huge commercial malls in Ankara is also one of the important options in tourism investments, as these marketing malls offer many opportunities for investment, such as shops, restaurants, cafes, game halls, cinemas, etc., which contributes to the growth of commercial traffic and doubling the tourism investment opportunities in Ankara.

Not to mention hotels and malls, the investor can find many opportunities for tourism investments, such as apartments for annual rent, resorts and chalets, and other real estate used for tourism purposes.

cheap houses for sale in ankara turkey

3. Industrial investment

The development of industrial investment in Ankara and the multiplicity of investment fields in it, attract major investors to work in this sector, which encourages the entry of investors to carry out investment deals in the industrial sector, as there are many industrial cities in Ankara.

The industrial city, known as Ostim, is at the forefront of the industrial cities in Ankara, as it is one of the largest industrial areas, and contains active laboratories in many fields, most notably the textile, medical, plastic industries, auto parts, furniture, sports, and household equipment, etc., and this would provide various opportunities for industrial investments.

Investment in Ankara

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Ankara, Turkey?

The advantages of real estate investment in Ankara can be summarized through the following points:

  • The city of Ankara is the capital, which includes most of the consulates and embassies in it, and there are also many ministries and state institutions concentrated in it.
  • Ankara is the second economic center of the country after Istanbul.
  • The relative calm characterizes Ankara compared to Istanbul.
  • Affordable prices for real estate in Ankara.
  • Obtaining a fixed, continuous, and guaranteed monthly financial return.
  • An increase in the value of the capital or an increase in the value of the property in the long term, that is, the value of the property after several years will rise, and thus the capital will increase.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property with a value of at least $250,000.

What are the best investments in Ankara, Turkey real estate?

Ankara real estate offers the best types of investments in your hands. There are several ways to invest in real estate, including:

1. Investment in apartments

With the increase in the number of foreign investors in Ankara and thanks to the safe investment environment that it enjoys, the Turkish capital has been able to attract a large number of Arab investors, especially to it, turning it into a competitive kiss for the city of Istanbul, and attracting foreign investments.

Investment in apartments is the safest and most profitable type of investment over days. Given the data issued by official bodies in Turkey, we find that the number of foreign sales of apartments in Ankara amounted to 359 apartments, during October of this year 2021.

Real Estate Ankara

2. Investment in villas

The diversity of investment options for villas for sale, and the multiplicity of advantages they have, was one of the most important factors that attract foreign investors to invest in villas in Ankara. Among the most important specifications that investors can find in villas in Ankara are the following:

  • Many distinct interiors and exterior designs for villas, in addition to several rooms varying on demand.
  • Various views of the beautiful landscape.
  • Amazing facilities and services surrounded by villas.
  • Quiet prime locations away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • The varying prices of the villas where you can search for what suits your budget and financial capabilities.

property for sale in Ankara

3. Investment in land

The diversity in the natural environment in Ankara, including vast agricultural lands, fertile plains, and a suitable climate, presents investors with many opportunities to invest in land, whether in land designated for farms or in construction lands, especially since the main objective of investment operations lies in access to profits within an appropriate period, and this is achieved by investing in land in Ankara.

Houses prices in Ankara


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