Numbers and Distances at the New Istanbul Airport



Numbers and Distances at the New Istanbul Airport
At a historic opening ceremony, the first phase of Istanbul's third airport was opened with the participation of a large number of foreign officials and senior guests, new Istanbul airport will provide access from Istanbul to 41 countries within 3 hours and 66 countries within 5 hours.
Control tower
One of the masterpieces of the airport was designed in the form of a Tulip flower icon of Istanbul city, 90 meters high.

The main building of Istanbul airport

  • With an area of 1.4 million m2.
  • The new airport building is the largest undivided building at the airport in the world.
  • A free zone in the form of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul airport will be the largest airport in the world upon completion

  • On an area of 76.5 million square meters.
  • 6 independent runways
  • The capacity of 500 planes.
  • Garage for 40 thousand cars.
  • The first phase provides services to 90 million passengers annually.
  • After completion of the phases of the airport will provide services to 200 million passengers in total.
  • 2000 planes can take off and land daily.
  • The area allocated for restaurants is 32 thousand m
  • Private passenger lounge with an area of 22 thousand m
  • Retail area of 10 thousand square meters m
  • Office area of 10 thousand square meters.
  • More than 450 hotel rooms.

Between East and West

  • Flights from more than 350 international destinations will be launched.
  • With Istanbul officially entering service, Turkey is becoming one of the most important transit centers between the north, south, east and west.
  • Istanbul can be reached from 41 countries in 3 hours and 66 countries within 5 hours.
  • The airport connects 60 countries and a $ 20 trillion economy.

Regular flights to...

City Duration
Rome 2:25
Berlin 3:00
Moscow 3:05
Tehran 3:30
London 4:00
Doha 4:15
Dubai 4:25
New Delhi 5:50
Beijing 9:00
Seoul 10:30
New York 11:00
Singapore 11:00
Cape town 11:10
Hong Kong 11:30
Tokyo 12:00
San Francisco 13:25
Sao Paulo 13:25
Los Angeles 13:45
Sydney 22:55

New Istanbul Airport Logistics

  • Shipping area of one million and 400 thousand m
  • The shipping capacity is 5 million and 500 thousand tons.
  • Maintenance and repair area of 700 thousand m
  • 143 A vehicle with a stairway for passengers to disembark.
  • More than 600 elevators, electric stairs, and moving corridor.
  • More than 20 thousand waiting chairs.
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Source: Anadolu Agency
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