What are the advantages of a Turkish passport?

Find out about the most important features of the Turkish passport, and the advantages of the Turkish passport holder. Read also, and know if these features are worthy, at Imtilak Real Estate

What are the advantages of a Turkish passport?

Imtilak Real Estate allows investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship to learn how to obtain a Turkish passport, the methods of obtaining it, the most important features it contains, and the most notable advantages granted to holders of this passport.

An overview of the Turkish passport

The Turkish passport is the document used by Turkish citizens while traveling outside the country. The use of the passport was regulated for the first time by Law No. 5682 of July 15, 1950.

Passports are issued by the Directorates of Souls located in various Turkish states, which are administratively affiliated to the Ministry of Interior in Turkey. Passports issued since June 1, 2010, have the advantage of biometric passports, and have varying validity in their dates, with a maximum of ten years.

Passports granted by the Turkish State are multiple according to persons, their official prescriptions, and the position they hold in the Turkish Government and have multiple colors of each type. The most notable types of passports in Turkey include:

Public passport:

The public passport is used by all Turkish citizens, and it is granted to investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship as well when they apply the naturalization conditions listed in the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

The red public passport contains 60 pages, is valid for a maximum of 10 years, from the date of its issuance, and qualifies its owner to travel to various parts of the world.

Turkish passport advantages

Passport of employees abroad:

This type of passport is issued by employees working in official departments outside the country, such as embassies and consulates. It consists of 28 pages and is in gray.

Special passport:

The special green passport is obtained by former members of the Turkish Parliament, former ministers, and staff members of the Pension Fund, and consists of 52 pages.

Diplomatic passport:

The diplomatic passport is intended for dignitaries and officials in the country. It is obtained by ambassadors, heads of consulates, members of parliament, deputies of the President of the Republic, ministers, the chief of the court, prosecutors, army generals, parliament heads, the Secretary-General of the President of the Republic, the head of endowments, and others who occupy high positions in the state.

It should be noted that the diplomatic passport in black is among the highest in the Turkish State.

Advantages of Turkish passport in 2024

The Turkish passport, which is one of the highest-rated passports in the world, includes many advantages that encourage businessmen to acquire it and take advantage of its advantages. Therefore, the advantages of the Turkish passport in 2023 can be presented through the following points:

1. Easy to obtain

One of the most important advantages of the Turkish passport is the ease of obtaining it through the popular options for investments in Turkey, where the Turkish passport can be obtained quite easily by following the following steps:

  • Schedule an appointment for obtaining a passport from the Directorate of Population’s website: https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr
  • To go on time to the Directorate of Population in the state in which he resides and submit the following documents:
  • An ID card or a copy of the residence permit for foreign nationals.
  • Biometric photos.
  • Paying the passport issuance fee.

The Turkish passport is issued after 7 to 10 days after submitting the papers at the Directorate of Population, and then it is sent to the address registered in the Directorate of Population.

2. Global mobility

The ease of global mobility across the Turkish passport is demonstrated by the fact that it was ranked world number 36 in the year 2023, according to the World Passport Power Index, and the rankings globally adopted by the website Bisport Index.

This advanced rank of the Turkish passport allows its holder to move between 105 countries of the world with great ease, through which it is possible to enter 57 countries around the world without the need to obtain an entry visa in advance, and 44 countries through obtaining an entry visa issued upon arrival at the airport, and 4 countries with an electronic entry visa.

In addition, the Turkish passport holder can travel to 93 countries by securing a visa before traveling to them, and the European Union countries are among these countries, and you can find all the countries that can be traveled to through the Turkish passport through various ways by clicking here.

Turkish passport benefits

3. Benefiting from investment facilities

Turkey, which has witnessed a quantum leap in terms of real estate investments, is witnessing an unprecedented renaissance in infrastructure projects, turning it into a magnet for foreign capital, businessmen, and investors from all over the world.

On the basis of the implementing regulations on decisions to acquire Turkish citizenship issued late in the year 2018, the investor was able to acquire Turkish citizenship through the acquisition of a real estate by purchasing a property valued at $250,000, provided that the property was not sold for 3 years from the date of purchase.
Note: The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate has been amended as of April 2023, to become $400,000 instead of $250,000.

Thus, the investor has the right to apply to the Turkish government in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and once the Turkish identity card is obtained, another application can be submitted for the Turkish passport.

There are other ways in which foreign investors can obtain the Turkish passport by making an investment of at least $ 500,000, or by depositing shares in an official bank in Turkey at least $500,000, provided that the amount is not withdrawn 3 years before the deposit.

4.Taking advantage of the diversity of services provided in the field of health and education

Benefiting from the diversity of services provided in the field of health and education is one of the most prominent benefits of the Turkish passport, as the foreign investor who holds the Turkish passport enjoys all the rights stipulated by the Turkish constitution for Turkish citizens. Starting from benefiting from health insurance, which guarantees the provision of services provided in hospitals and clinics, and obtaining treatment at a reduced value, up to the possibility of education in the most prestigious public and private Turkish universities, which provide educational services in both Arabic and English.

Advantages of the Turkish passport holder

Experts and specialists in real estate affairs in Turkey say that the reason why investors choose to obtain a Turkish passport, and their preference for establishing investment projects in it, is due to the presence of a set of advantages for the holder of a Turkish passport, the most prominent of which are:

  • Benefit from all the rights granted to Turkish citizens.
  • Having the right to own real estate completely freely without being bound by the conditions set for foreign ownership.
  • Ease of establishing real estate projects and making all investments with great comfort.
  • Enjoying the democratic life available in Turkey, and obtaining the right to vote and stand for elections.
  • Turkish passport holders can maintain their original citizenship with Turkish citizenship because Turkish laws allow foreigners the right to dual citizenship.
  • Benefit from health insurance services, hospitalization, and treatment at discounted prices.
  • Benefit from the rights of high-end education in the best Turkish universities and Arab international schools, and the possibility of studying in Arabic or English.
  • Freedom of movement and travel to various countries of the world.
  • The possibility of benefiting from the services provided in the e-government portal on a larger scale, and the speed in resolving the procedures related to the Turkish government institutions.


At Imtilak Real Estate, we offer a variety of real estate projects in the largest Turkish states, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Trabzon, which guarantee a comfortable residence in Turkey on the one hand, and obtain a Turkish passport and enjoy its various advantages on the other hand.

Not to mention, we provide free services through the presence of a cadre of professional personnel, in the running of naturalization files in Turkish State services from A to Z, from reception at the airport to the receipt of Turkish passports.


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