A Tour in Venezia Mall and Complex Istanbul Turkey



A Tour in Venezia Mall and Complex Istanbul Turkey

Where is Venezia Mall Located in Istanbul?

A city in the heart of a city, a phrase that embodies the reality of the complex of Venice, Istanbul. Once you visit this huge complex from the outside, you will already think yourself in the outskirts of the ancient city of Venice in Italy.
The unique location of the complex in the Othman Ghazi Pasha area on the European side of Istanbul, the attention to urban design and to the finer details of the decorations all make the Istanbul Venezia complex a destination for visitors to Istanbul and an important destination for all its visitors.

Venezia Complex Istanbul

Shopping in Venezia Mall- Best Shopping Markets Guide

Also known as Venezia Mega Mall outlet that includes over 180 diverse shops.
You'll be amazed, as you stroll around a copy of the Italian city of Venice, where a monumental courtyard is built, with a tower surrounded by Italian and international restaurants and cafes.
The shops in Venice Mall Istanbul, are located on the banks of picturesque waterways, with elegant boats that remind you of the ancient city of Venice.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Many seating chairs are spread around these canals in a charming and entertaining atmosphere.
In addition to the open floor, there is another underground floor in the Venice complex of Istanbul, so cleverly designed that its floor looks like a real street. The ceiling is an exquisite three-dimensional painting. If you look at it, you feel like you are looking at the true sky!
There are also several clothes shops, children's toys, home furniture and much more on this floor.
The children will have a lot of fun and entertainment, where the most beautiful electric games are waiting for them in the complex of Venice, Istanbul.

Venezia Istanbul

Venezia Complex in Istanbul- The Luxurious Architectural Design

Venice complex consists of luxurious residential units, offices and diverse commercial markets, making it a truly integrated residential environment.
It consists of 5 residential towers suitable for families, with distinctive apartments with different areas and a variety of views.

Venezia Mall

Advantages of Apartments and Complex in Venezia Mall Istanbul

  • Located on the European side of Istanbul in the Ghazi Osman Pasha area.
  • A similar version of the Italian city of Venice with its historical features and waterways.
  • One of the mega real estate projects, within the urbanization plan of the Istanbul municipality.
  • Easy access from the complex to all points within and outside the city.
  • Close to Ataturk Airport and from the city center as well.
  • The complex consists of five residential towers with different residential units and a variety of views.
  • Boats inside the complex to roam around the waterways like in Venice.
  • A shopping mall, a sports center, and restaurants.
  • Apartments available within the complex according to models: 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1.

Venice Apartments Istanbul

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