The Most Profitable Investments and Business in Turkey



The Most Profitable Investments and Business in Turkey

When somebody says investment the first thing you get in mind is the real estate investment (residential units), in spite of the fact that real estate investments are the most profitable and least vulnerable to the risk of loss, but there are other investments that can achieve the same revenues rather than real estate investments, and on the top of this investments are:

What are the Most Profitable Investment Business in Turkey?

1. Students’ Lodging

The most thing students in Turkey suffers from is the problem of shelter, since students’ lodging in the country is insufficient to meet their needs, so the investment in students’ lodging is one of the very profitable investments.

2. Offices and Commercial Units

Investment in offices and commercial units’ sector is one of the most profitable investment compared to other investments. The profits that can be achieved from the investment in this sector match the profits that are achieved from the investment in the residential units, and the high revenues that come from the renting of offices and commercial units have made them one of the most likely investments in the recent period.

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3. Yachts Rental

Turkey’s coasts have received considerable interest from foreign and local tourists, and the numbers of tourists who are interested in yacht rental to spend holidays are growing day by day. Consequently, yachts rental is considered one of the profitable projects if they have implemented the lease operations well.

4. Garages for Cars Parking

With the increasing number of cars the need for parking lots has increased, especially this need has become an issue in the areas where commercial units are spread, so the investors who have started investing in this field are gaining big profits.

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