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Under-Construction Apartments for Sale in Egypt

In the dynamic and ever-evolving Egyptian real estate market, a golden opportunity arises for acquiring under-construction apartments. These options offer buyers and investors several advantages, making them a fruitful and reliable investment. In this article, we will explore the multiple benefits of this type of property and highlight the exceptional services provided by Imtilak Global in this field.

Benefits of Buying an Under-Construction Apartment in Egypt

Purchasing an under-construction apartment in Egypt is a strategic choice for many looking to benefit from competitive prices and contemporary designs. Here are the top 5 advantages of this choice:

  • Lower Prices: Buying an under-construction apartment can be much more cost-effective than purchasing ready apartments. This allows buyers to acquire units at reasonable prices, with the potential for significant gains upon completion of construction.
  • Installment Payments: Most developers offer flexible payment plans that allow buyers to pay for the apartment over several years. This method makes the investment easier and more convenient for many individuals.
  • Customization and Modification: Acquiring an under-construction apartment allows buyers to customize the apartment details according to their desires, in terms of colors, flooring, and fixtures.
  • Long-Term Value Increase: Under-construction apartments increase in value as work on the project progresses, meaning that the buyer can benefit from capital appreciation upon completion of construction.
  • Quality and Modern Technology: Many developers use the latest technologies and materials in building under-construction apartments, ensuring high quality and durability for the buildings.

Benefits of Investing in Under-Construction Apartments in Egypt

Investing in under-construction apartments is a pivotal step in the journey of any real estate investor, thanks to the many advantages this type of investment offers.

  • High Investment Returns: Under-construction apartments provide lucrative investment returns due to their increased value once construction is completed and the units are handed over to the owners.
  • Increasing Demand: The demand for modern apartments in Egypt is constantly increasing, making investing in under-construction apartments an attractive option to ensure their rental or sale at higher prices in the future.
  • Flexibility in Selling: Investors can choose to sell the unit before the completion of construction at a higher price than what they bought it for, providing an opportunity for quick profit.
  • Real Estate Diversity: Investing in different and varied projects provides the investor with a diversified investment portfolio and reduced risk.
  • Stability of the Real Estate Market: The real estate market in Egypt is relatively stable, making investing in under-construction apartments a safe choice for investors.

Under-Construction Apartments for Sale in Egypt

Average Prices of Under-Construction Apartments in Egypt

The average prices of under-construction apartments in Egypt are an important indicator for both investors and buyers. These prices are influenced by several factors including location, unit size, expected finishing quality, and the level of services and facilities available in the project.

Generally, prices can range between 5000 and 15000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, noting that this range may vary significantly between one area and another. In areas like New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital, prices may be higher due to rapid development, advanced infrastructure, and large projects.

Conversely, more competitive prices may be found in other areas like 6th of October or Sheikh Zayed, where the price also depends on the available facilities and services. The lower prices during the construction period are due to several reasons, including the incomplete status of the project and the risks associated with construction delays or market changes.

However, this represents a good investment opportunity, as buyers and investors can benefit from the value increase once the project is completed and the units are delivered. After the completion of the project, prices can rise significantly, providing investors with an excellent opportunity to achieve profits when reselling or renting.

Under-Construction Apartments for Sale in Egypt by Imtilak Global

Imtilak Global, our company specialized in the Cairo real estate market, has contracts with the leading real estate development companies in Egypt. We can meet various customer needs to suit their budgets. Below are some of our outstanding under-construction projects:

  1. Acasa Mia: Characterized by its modern designs and strategic location close to vital facilities.
  2. White Residence: Offers luxurious units with high-quality finishes and stunning views.
  3. Yellow Residence: Ideal for those seeking comfort and privacy, with all recreational services available.
  4. Sarai: Provides a wide range of options in terms of size and design, suitable for all tastes.
  5. Mountain View iCity: Combines breathtaking nature with modern design to provide a unique living environment.

Best Areas to Buy Under-Construction Apartments in Egypt

When looking for under-construction apartments, some areas stand out as excellent choices due to their multiple advantages and high investment potential.

  1. New Cairo: Considered one of the most attractive areas for investors due to its modern designs and advanced infrastructure.
  2. New Administrative Capital: Distinguished by large projects and advanced public facilities, making it a center of attraction for investors.
  3. 6th of October: A vibrant area offering a mix of upscale living and integrated services.
  4. Sheikh Zayed: Known for its calm atmosphere and wide green spaces, making it an ideal choice for families.
  5. North Coast: Offers distinctive apartments with stunning sea views, ideal for investment and relaxation.

Under-Construction Apartments for Sale in Egypt by Imtilak Global

Book a Free Real Estate Tour with Imtilak Global

At Imtilak Global, we offer our clients free real estate tours that help them explore the best real estate projects that match their desires. We start by carefully studying the client's request and then present a selection of projects to ensure they meet their expectations.

The tour includes site visits, getting to know the facilities and services, and discussing financing and payment options. This service enables the client to make an informed decision based on direct experience and comprehensive information. At Imtilak Global, we are committed to providing a transparent and comfortable real estate buying experience for all our clients, with full support at every step of the purchasing process.

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Update date: 2024-05-28

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