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Villas for Sale in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Benefits of Buying a Villa in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

  • Modern and Luxurious Design: Villas in Sheikh Zayed City are characterized by their modern and luxurious designs, combining elegance and practicality. This means living in an environment that meets the aspirations of those seeking sophistication and distinction.
  • Peace and Privacy: Sheikh Zayed City is one of the quiet areas ideal for families seeking privacy and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of major cities.
  • Services and Facilities: The city contains a wide range of services including schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and recreational facilities, making life more comfortable and convenient.
  • Strategic Location: Sheikh Zayed City is located near Cairo, providing easy access to the major city while enjoying a quieter and more luxurious atmosphere.
  • Development and Sustainability: Sheikh Zayed City is witnessing continuous development and a focus on sustainability and the environment, investing in long-term and guaranteed results.

Benefits of Investing in Villas in Sheikh Zayed City

  • Increasing Property Value: The value of properties in Sheikh Zayed City is constantly increasing, so investing there is a smart and profitable financial choice. Investing here means achieving significant profits in the long term.
  • Increasing Demand: Due to the aforementioned benefits, the demand for villas in Sheikh Zayed City is increasing, ensuring ease of renting or selling them at high prices.
  • Diversity of Properties: Sheikh Zayed City offers a variety of villas with different sizes and designs, meaning it can meet all tastes and needs.
  • Safe Environment: The city enjoys high security and a high level of surveillance and security, making it ideal for families and individuals looking for a safe investment environment.
  • Financial Return: A good financial return can be achieved through renting villas or reselling them. The expected return ranges from 7% to 12% annually, making investment attractive and rewarding.

Best Areas in Sheikh Zayed City to Buy a Villa

  • First District: It is distinguished by its proximity to vital centers and contains luxurious villas with elegant designs.
  • Seventh District: Known for being a quiet area, it contains gated residential complexes that provide high privacy.
  • Eighth District: It is characterized by large green spaces and recreational facilities, making it ideal for families.
  • Beverly Hills: A luxurious area containing spacious villas with private gardens and distinctive views.
  • West Town: Considered one of the latest projects, it contains modern villas with top-level facilities.

Villas for Sale in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Average Prices of Villas in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the most attractive areas for investors and residents alike, thanks to the variety of villas and upscale residential complexes it offers. The average prices of villas in this city range from 3 million Egyptian pounds for basic villas to 10 million Egyptian pounds for luxurious villas with special specifications and additions. This price disparity reflects the variety of options in terms of space, design, location, and available facilities.

Villa prices in Sheikh Zayed City are affected by several factors, including proximity to vital centers and basic services such as schools, medical centers, and shops, as well as the quality of construction and finishes. Villas with high specifications and special views, such as gardens and artificial lakes, enjoy higher prices compared to more basic ones.

Imtilak Global ensures customers get the best offers at competitive prices, as we work side by side with the largest real estate development companies in Egypt to provide exclusive offers. We offer installment options that suit different financial capabilities, starting from low down payments and flexible repayment plans that extend for years, making owning a villa in Sheikh Zayed City within everyone's reach.

Villas for Sale in Sheikh Zayed City by Imtilak Global

At Imtilak Global, we pride ourselves on our partnerships with the best real estate development companies in Egypt, enabling us to offer a diverse and distinguished range of villas in Sheikh Zayed City. These villas are designed to meet all customer expectations in terms of quality, luxury, and comfort. In addition, we ensure the provision of different levels of villas to suit all budgets and needs.

  • Genesta: Genesta is distinguished by its modern and elegant designs that blend sophistication and practicality. The villas here vary in size to suit both small and large families and include a wide range of facilities such as private gardens, swimming pools, and relaxation areas. The project is distinguished by its location near commercial and service centers, making it an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and luxury.
  • The Eight: This project is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City and provides residents with quick access to the most important roads and axes in the city. The villas in The Eight are designed with complete elegance, with a significant focus on utilizing indoor and outdoor spaces in a way that enhances the living experience. The villas are characterized by their wonderful views of green areas and artificial lakes, adding a touch of tranquility and beauty to daily life.
  • Rivers Project: This project stands out as an oasis of nature within the city, with villas surrounded by an artificial river and wide green spaces. Rivers offers a range of villas with varied designs ranging from classic to modern, all of which feature high levels of privacy and security. Residents here can enjoy a variety of sports and recreational activities within the complex, in addition to benefiting from nearby educational and health facilities.

Book a Free Real Estate Tour with Imtilak Global

Imtilak Global offers a free real estate tour service to introduce clients to the most prominent residential projects in Sheikh Zayed City. These tours include visits to the main sites and viewing the villas offered for sale, helping clients make informed decisions about investment or residence.

During the tour, clients receive comprehensive information about the areas, prices, and available facilities, as well as benefit from the advice of experts at Imtilak Global. This service allows the client to choose from a variety of villas that suit their needs and desires with ease and convenience.

Sheikh Zayed City is an ideal place to buy a villa that meets all your family and investment needs, and Imtilak Global is here to provide the best options and offers to ensure a successful and satisfying buying experience.

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-06-03

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