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Apartments for Sale in Jeddah at Affordable Prices

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Jeddah is one of the vibrant cities in Saudi Arabia, known for its diverse real estate options that cater to all categories. Whether you are looking for luxury apartments, mid-range, or economical ones at affordable prices, Jeddah offers this variety.

Can I Buy Cheap Apartments in Jeddah?

Yes, it is certainly possible to buy cheap apartments in Jeddah. The city is characterized by a real estate diversity that allows buyers to find multiple options ranging from luxury apartments to economical ones. With the increasing number of real estate projects and developers' competition, it has become possible to find apartments at reasonable prices that suit limited budgets.

Whether you are looking for an investment or a family residence, Jeddah offers numerous opportunities to buy apartments starting from low price levels, while maintaining the quality of construction and facilities.

What are the Cheapest Apartment Prices in Jeddah?

Jeddah is characterized by its real estate diversity, which allows buyers to find affordable apartments suitable for all categories. In recent years, Jeddah has seen significant development in the real estate sector, leading to the availability of apartments at competitive prices ranging from luxury to economical. For those interested in investment or residence, apartments can be found starting from 200,000 Saudi Riyals in remote areas or those still in development.

These apartments offer limited options in terms of space and facilities but remain an excellent choice for those looking for low-cost housing. In mid-range areas, where the infrastructure is more developed but without reaching the level of luxury, apartments can be found priced between 250,000 and 400,000 Saudi Riyals. These apartments provide an ideal mix of reasonable price and good quality, with basic facilities available such as children's play areas, car parks, and security systems.

For investors looking for more attractive opportunities, some new projects in emerging areas offer apartments starting from 350,000 Saudi Riyals, equipped with modern facilities and contemporary designs. These projects offer options ranging from small apartments to large ones with multiple rooms, allowing the buyer to choose what suits their needs and budget. Ultimately, the choice of apartment and its price depends on a range of factors including location, services, available facilities, and construction quality.

Through careful research and collaboration with reliable real estate companies like Imtilak Global, the buyer can find an apartment that meets all their aspirations at a price that fits their budget.

How Can I Buy a Cheap Apartment in Jeddah?

To acquire an apartment in Jeddah at a reasonable price, it is important to follow some strategic steps:

  1. Planning and Research: Before proceeding with the purchase, conduct research and plan to understand the market and identify the areas that offer the best prices.
  2. Expert Assistance: Collaborate with real estate companies like Imtilak Global, which have extensive market experience and can provide the best advice and offers.
  3. Focus on New Projects: New real estate projects often offer promotional deals and competitive prices to attract buyers.
  4. Real Estate Financing: Take advantage of available real estate financing options that help alleviate the financial burden with low interest.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest Apartment Prices in Jeddah?

To find the cheapest apartments in Jeddah, it is important to look at the following areas:

  1. Al Hamdaniyah: An area characterized by its rapid growth, offering apartments starting from 270,000 Saudi Riyals.
  2. North Obhur: Considered a young area, providing apartments priced between 300,000 and 400,000 Saudi Riyals.
  3. Al Marwa: Located in the heart of Jeddah, offering economical apartments starting from 320,000 Saudi Riyals.
  4. Bureiman: An area that provides low-cost apartments starting from 290,000 Saudi Riyals, making it an excellent choice for investors.
  5. Al Nuzha: Offers apartments at affordable prices starting from 310,000 Saudi Riyals and provides excellent quality of life.


Cheap Apartments for Sale in Jeddah

Apartments for Sale in Jeddah at Cheap Prices by Imtilak Global

At Imtilak Global, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of real estate projects characterized by their economical prices and high quality. We work side by side with the best real estate development companies in Jeddah to ensure the provision of residential options that meet all needs and budgets. Here are more details about some of these projects:

  1. Paradise: The Paradise project is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern apartment at an affordable price in Jeddah. Apartment sizes range from 80 to 120 square meters, providing multiple options for small and large families. Prices start from 270,000 Saudi Riyals and include basic facilities such as car parks, children's play areas, and advanced security systems.
  2. Rotile Project: The Rotile project stands out with its innovative and modern designs that suit contemporary tastes. Apartments are available in sizes ranging from 70 to 150 square meters, with options for one-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments. Prices start from 300,000 Saudi Riyals, and the project is close to shopping centers and health services, making it a great choice for families.
  3. Opal Residence: Opal Residence offers luxurious apartments at economical prices. The apartments are elegantly designed and feature stunning views of the city or green gardens. Apartment sizes range from 90 to 130 square meters, with prices starting from 320,000 Saudi Riyals. The project includes facilities such as a health club, swimming pools, and outdoor seating areas.
  4. Al Rawdah Sign 2: The Al Rawdah Sign 2 project is an example of peaceful and comfortable family living. It offers apartments ranging from 85 to 140 square meters, ideal for families seeking privacy and comfort. Prices start from 295,000 Saudi Riyals, and the project includes facilities such as play areas, gyms, and designated areas for barbecues and family gatherings.

At Imtilak Global, we aim to provide the best residential options at competitive prices, while maintaining quality and luxury standards. Explore the available opportunities by visiting the link shown and book your free real estate tour to discover what suits you among these wonderful projects.

Book a Free Real Estate Tour with Imtilak Global

At Imtilak Global, we understand the importance of choosing the right property, so we offer free real estate tours that include studying the client's request and presenting a range of the most important projects that match their desires.

We start by understanding your needs and preferences, then take you on a comprehensive tour of the best real estate projects that meet these needs. Through our free tours, you will be able to see a wide range of cheap apartments in Jeddah and get the opportunity to compare specifications and prices directly. We believe that transparency and full support are the keys to the optimal choice of property, and that's why we provide you with all the necessary information and guidance to make an informed decision.

If you are looking for an affordable apartment in Jeddah, don't miss the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and deep knowledge of the real estate market. Book your free real estate tour today with Imtilak Global and discover how we can help you find your dream home at an irresistible price.

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Update date: 2024-06-01

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