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What are the advantages of buying a villa in Jeddah by the sea?

Buying a villa in Jeddah by the sea is an outstanding investment due to the high value these villas offer, both in terms of quality of life and proximity to vital centers. These luxury villas provide enchanting sea views that give residents a sense of comfort and tranquility, significantly enhancing their quality of life. These villas are also located near the best entertainment and service places in Jeddah, making it easy and comfortable to access upscale restaurants, large malls, and health facilities.

Additionally, these villas offer a peaceful atmosphere away from the city's hustle and bustle, with all the modern services and facilities that residents need.

What is the advantage of investing in sea-view villas in Jeddah?

Investing in sea-view villas in Jeddah has many advantages, including:

  • High Investment Value: These villas are characterized by an increase in their market value over time due to their strategic location and unique view.
  • Continuous Demand: Sea-view villas attract many investors and residents, ensuring ongoing demand.
  • High Rental Returns: These villas can achieve high rental returns thanks to their prime location and construction quality.
  • Diversity of Options: Jeddah offers a wide range of villas with varying views and sizes to suit all tastes and budgets.
  • Luxurious Lifestyle: Living in a sea-view villa provides a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with easy access to the best services and facilities.

What is the average price of sea-view villas in Jeddah?

Sea-view villas in Jeddah vary greatly in price, based on several factors including location, size, design, and the level of luxury offered. Generally, prices for sea-view villas in Jeddah start from around 2 million Saudi Riyals for basic villas with limited spaces and partial views.

Larger and more luxurious villas with comprehensive and direct sea views can reach prices of more than 15 million Saudi Riyals, especially in upscale and sought-after neighborhoods. Medium-sized villas, ranging from 300 to 600 square meters, with beautiful views and high-quality finishes, usually range in price from 4 to 8 million Riyals. These villas provide an ideal mix of luxury and value, with facilities such as private swimming pools, spacious gardens, and advanced security systems.

For investors and families looking for privacy and exclusivity, there are very luxurious villas with areas exceeding 1,000 square meters, offering exceptional architectural designs and top-quality specifications, with prices reaching more than 20 million Riyals in some cases.

Imtilak Global, with its extensive experience in the real estate market, works to offer the best villas at competitive prices to suit various needs and budgets.

Sea View Villas for Sale in Jeddah

What are the best neighborhoods in Jeddah to buy a sea-view villa?

Many neighborhoods in Jeddah offer villas with wonderful sea views, including:

  • Al Shati District: Known for its proximity to the Corniche and many luxury villas.
  • Al Hamra District: Famous for its upscale villas and proximity to entertainment and service places.
  • North Obhur: Known for its modern villas and direct sea views.
  • Al Basateen District: Offers luxury villas with spacious gardens and attractive views.
  • Al Naeem District: A quiet neighborhood with villas that have enchanting views.

Sea View Villas for Sale in Jeddah by Imtilak Global

Imtilak Global is committed to providing a distinguished collection of sea-view villas in Jeddah, in cooperation with the best real estate development companies, to meet all customer needs in line with various budgets. Here we provide more details about the projects we currently market:

  1. Jewel of the Lakes Project: This project is one of the most prestigious residential projects in Jeddah, offering luxury villas with direct sea views and modern designs that combine elegance and practicality. The Jewel of the Lakes villas feature spacious areas ranging from 400 to 700 square meters, with all services provided, including private swimming pools, lush gardens, and children's play areas. Security services are available around the clock, and regular maintenance ensures the highest levels of comfort and safety for residents.
  2. Areej Villas: This project offers a unique residential experience for those seeking luxury and privacy. Areej Villas are characterized by their modern designs and enchanting sea views, with areas starting from 350 square meters and up to 600 square meters. Each villa includes comprehensive facilities such as private swimming pools, recreational areas, and private gardens that ensure a quiet and comfortable living experience. In addition, the project provides security and regular maintenance services to maintain a high quality of life.

Both the Jewel of the Lakes and Areej Villas represent excellent examples of the quality and luxury that Imtilak Global offers in the Jeddah real estate market. To learn more about these projects and experience the stunning sea views, we invite customers to visit the Imtilak Global website or book a free real estate tour to explore these villas up close and learn about all the features and services available.

Book a Free Real Estate Tour with Imtilak Global

At Imtilak Global, we are proud to offer free real estate tours that include studying the client's request and presenting a selection of the most important projects that match their desires. We accompany clients on a free tour of the best projects to choose from, providing all the necessary information and details to make the best decision.

This service allows clients to experience life in the desired villas and learn about all their advantages and services before making a purchase decision.

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Update date: 2024-06-03

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