Detailed information about the City of Bursa Turkey



Detailed information about the City of Bursa Turkey

Detailed information about Bursa

Bursa city is one of the Turkish cities that attract attention, due to the urban beauty of its cities, neighborhoods, and monuments, the aesthetic charm of its green nature and forests, and the cultural heritage of its historical monuments, as it is considered as a historical reference for civilizations. The city is located in an important strategic location between the political capital Ankara and the economic capital Istanbul.

The location of Bursa

The city of Bursa is located northwest of Turkey and is located in a very important location, between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, separating it from Istanbul by the Marmara Sea, as it overlooks the Marmara Sea to the north, and is bordered on the south side by the famous Ulu Dag Mountain, which is Turkey's fourth most populous city and one of the most important industrial cities Turkish.

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Distance between Bursa and Istanbul - How to go from Istanbul to Bursa

The distance from Istanbul to Bursa by road is approximately one hundred and fifty-three kilometers, according to Google Maps, and it can be reached in four different ways, i.e. the private car, the taxi, the public buses, and the ferry.

Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by private car, two hours away from Istanbul by ferry, and is two hours away from Istanbul by boat.

Weather in Bursa

The weather in Bursa tends to be cold most of the time. Thus, the temperature in Bursa in the summer and the winter is what we will talk about in this article.

Bursa in the summer

In Bursa, the temperature is of acceptable levels around thirty degrees Celsius, and the humidity in the summer does not exceed normal levels, making it the focus of attention for those looking for beautiful weather and favorable climates in summer.

Bursa in the winter

The temperature in Bursa in the winter is cold, as the average temperature in the winter is ten degrees Celsius, and the winter months in Bursa are among the rainiest months. However, the temperature in the winter of Bursa is cold enough to convert rain into snow. This makes Mount Uludag a suitable place for winter sports enthusiasts.

Bursa Turkey

Tourist places in Bursa

The city of Bursa is characterized by the abundance of tourist places in it. Tourism in Bursa is flourishing due to many prominent natural places in it, such as waterfalls, lakes, forests, and high mountains. The cultural heritage of its historical monuments made Bursa one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

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Beaches of Bursa

Many luxurious beaches to spend the most beautiful times and enjoy the charming natural beauty is what characterizes Bursa, where you can enjoy swimming in the sea. Besides, the beaches of Bursa are suitable places for practicing water sports such as swimming and surfing. The fact that Bursa extends on the coast of the Marmara Sea opposite Istanbul, in addition to the beaches in Bursa that have stunning landscapes and one of the most important beaches are located in the Mudanya area north of Bursa on the coast of the Marmara Sea which is one of the important tourist areas, surrounded on the west by Kargabi and the south by Othman Ghazi, while on the north it is surrounded by the Gemlik bay.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

Shopping in Bursa - Bursa malls

Bursa is one of the cities that includes many markets, and it varies between ancient markets that preserve the flavor of the past and successive civilizations, and between modern markets and contemporary architectural style, which makes shopping in Bursa a pleasure of enjoying the beauty of nature and spending beautiful times. Among the most important markets is the Covered Market in Bursa that is more than five hundred years old, and it is the most famous market in the Turkish city of Bursa.

Bursa in summer

Among the modern markets, there is the Korupark Shopping Center, which is one of the largest malls in Bursa, characterized by its attractive design and its distinguished location, as it is the longest facade of a shopping center located on the main street.  Carrefour Bursa center is one of the most famous Turkish Bursa centers, and it is distinguished by its exquisite artistic design, and its location in Nilufer, the most prestigious area of Bursa, and there is the Marka Shopping center, which is one of the latest high-end Bursa malls, and is a unique experience It includes a shopping complex and three residential and office towers, and there is the Zafer Plaza complex, which is one of the oldest malls in Bursa and is distinguished by its engineering design, and much more.

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