Roads and transportation in Alanya, Turkey: types and important features

Your guide to getting to know the roads and transportation in Alanya, Turkey in terms of types (private or public) and quality. Does it cover the entire city? How it affects the investment value of the city

Roads and transportation in Alanya, Turkey: types and important features
2022-08-03 Last update 2022-08-03

Roads and transportation in Alanya, Turkey: types and important features

The most popular means of transportation in Alanya, Turkey

The city of Alanya on the shore of the Mediterranean has gained its importance from the beauty and charm of its nature, its picturesque beach, and the ancient history of its tourist attractions, which made it a destination for tourists from all over the world, and a major destination for investors wishing to invest in real estate in promising tourist areas.

Alanya, which belongs to the state of Antalya, was associated with large construction projects that came in line with the volume of demand for the real estate market in it, as the city was very popular in the activity of construction companies that worked on the development of the city significantly and its continuous expansion.

In parallel with the volume of real estate projects in Alanya that have been established or are under construction, the city administration needed to follow up on the modernization and construction of new infrastructure projects for the city commensurate with the size of these projects.

The most important infrastructure projects in Alanya are those related to connecting the different parts of the city to each other, and public transportation projects, the most important of which are:

1. Subway (Metro)

Since Alanya is a small city, it does not have internal metro lines, unlike the center of Antalya, which includes a tramway line that connects many areas of the city to each other, and there are projects planned to connect the tramway line of Antalya Center to Alanya, provided that work begins on the implementation of this project is coming soon.

The work is also based on linking the city of Alanya with a railway linked with the external railway lines that link the Turkish states to each other from Istanbul in the far west to the state of Kars in the far east of the Turkish lands.

2. Public buses

Public buses are one of the most important means of transportation that operate in Alanya, and public transport buses in Alanya provide services to the residents and tourists residing in the city and deliver them to all areas.

Public buses operate on all days of the week from the early morning hours to 12 midnight and operate on a magnetic card system that can be purchased and charged from points of sale in the city. These buses depart from major stops and stop throughout the journey within the city at several major stations.

 transportation in Alanya

3. Private buses

As Alanya is one of the important tourist cities in Turkey, private transport companies and tourism companies are very active in Alanya. Therefore, private company buses are one of the means of transportation used in the city, which foreign tourists often resort to, for what they provide from additional services such as driver services who speak different languages.

4. Dolmuş

These are the minibusses that connect to the alleys of the inner city of Alanya, and are one of the transportation pillars available to everyone and used in the city.

5. Taxi

Taxi works in Alanya all the time, and you can order a taxi in the city through several different applications available via phones and in more than one language.

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The quality and advantages of the transportation network in Alanya

The transportation and road network, in general, in Alanya is considered one of the modern and developed networks due to the newness of the projects established in the city and its continuous development, and the infrastructure projects that the Turkish government is working on giving the city an investment dimension that is directly related to the development of the transportation and road network.

public transportation in Alanya

Does the transportation network in Alanya cover the whole city?

It is possible to reach and move to all parts of the city of Alanya using the transportation network. As soon as the implementation of a tourist or residential real estate project in the city is started, work is done to establish an infrastructure for the project and automatically link the place to the city's road and transportation network.

Therefore, it can be said that transportation in Alanya in general covers all parts of the city easily and comfortably.

The impact of the transportation network in Alanya on the investment value of the city

Infrastructure and transportation networks in cities are linked with the value of investment real estate, that is, the more types of transportation and the development of the transportation network in cities, the higher the investment value in the city. Therefore, Alanya is considered a city with good investment value, due to the development of the transportation and transportation network in it. In addition to the projects under construction and the future of the city.

The impact of the transportation network in Alanya on real estate prices

Real estate prices in Alanya are directly affected by how close or far away the transportation network is, and the closer the real estate is to the city's main transportation network and the main stops of the various means of transportation, the higher their prices are, and vice versa.

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The best Imtilak Real Estate projects close to the transportation network in Alanya

Imtilak Real Estate, through its branch in Antalya, provides many distinguished real estate opportunities close to the transportation network in Alanya, the most important of which are residential and commercial units within complete real estate projects:

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