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Real Estate Management in Turkey

Real Estate Management in Turkey
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When asking the Real Estate Property Management Service in Turkey, Imtilak Real Estate will provide a range of services including design, decoration, leasing and even real estate appraisal.

Why choose to Imtilak Real Estate to manage your properties

After the issuance of Turkey's Foreign Ownership Act of 2012, attracting foreign clients to Turkey's real estate market has become a major challenge, but maintaining their loyalty and providing them with superior services beyond their expectations remains crucial to Imtilak Real Estate.
From this perspective, we offer real estate property management services in Turkey which include many features that exceed customer expectations, through an integrated system that includes all the possibilities that allow our customers to control their real estate properties in Turkey, and that’s to prove that we are the best in the real estate market in Turkey and to provide the best services to maintain ties of relationship with our valued customers.
Imtilak Real Estate Packages
Our exclusive packages include service to our customers who have bought from our real estate projects in various Turkish cities and include the following advantages:
  1. After-sales service
The possibility of designing and choosing decoration and furniture of the house by specialized engineers.
Undertaking to maintain the property during the absence of its owner.
Payment of all monthly real estate receivables from bills and dues.
Leasing and investing in the property if desired.
  1. Turkish real estate market predictions
Providing the client with all expectations of the Turkish real estate market of high or low prices, to take the necessary proactive measures.
  1. Follow-up stages of under construction projects step by step
And providing the client with all the details periodically, and follow-up confirmation of transfers of installments, if any.
Most of these services are free and formally documented between Imtilak Real Estate and the client, with clarifying all the conditions and rights in the management of the property, and then, Imtilak Real Estate company undertakes to follow up all that is related to the real estate from leasing it out or maintaining it or transferring the amounts due to the bank account to the customer periodically.

Real estate prices estimation service in Turkey

Do not buy real estate in Turkey before consulting Imtilak Real Estate…
In our experience in the real estate market in Turkey, we noticed that the Arab investor may face some difficulties in estimating and evaluating the real price of the house or apartment that he aspires to own, which may result in unfair estimation and overpayment, especially if the client is not fluent in Turkish.
From this point of view, and in order for Imtilak to provide services of the Turkish real estate sector in a very transparent manner, we offer the service of estimating the price of apartments in Turkey through consultants and experts in the real estate market in Turkey.
The property valuation service can be used whether the property is owned and the client wants to sell it or wants to buy it from another company.
To benefit from the service of estimating the price of your property, please provide the following information:
Exact Address the property or house coordinates on the GPS application if possible.
The number of rooms.
House situation ... etc.
Contact our customer service team here.
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