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Property Consulting
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Imtilak Real Estate provides legal consultancy services for any type of property through an experienced group of lawyers and specialists in the Turkish real estate especially in Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, Bursa, and Sabenjh. These types of services properties manage contracts, title deeds, and verify any property documents that have been sold by us in order to convey the best buying process for our clients and achieve the desired results for the real estate investment. Our company is responsible for the validity of any property's ownership and achieving the legal conditions of contracts.

Imtilak Real Estate maintains high competitive advantages through its expert team in Turkey's real estate market and their skills in the analyzing in term of providing field survey of the real estate sector, detailed analysis, financial and administrative feasibility studies, creative suggestions concerning the development of projects, and other relevant studies.

The distinctive experience of Imtilak Real Estate comes through its success in following up the real estate market developments and providing periodic reports concerning the market movements. This devoted work highlighted Imtilak ability to help its customers by knowing the specifics of projects and providing the suitable advice to determine the best investment opportunities by the well-understanding of its team.

furthermore, Imtilak for Turkey's real estate gives its valued customers the opportunity to keep up with the latest Turkish governmental laws and regulations developments. Besides of offering a high level of consultancy concerning the real estate financing, real estate collateral, and REITs (real estate investment trusts).

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