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Our Vision For Employment

Our Vision For Employment
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Imtilak Real Estate believes that the exceptional employees are the key to the success of companies, thus, Imtilak is so interested in attracting the skilled talents and competencies. More than that, Imtilak always strives to develop the capabilities of its staff.

Furthermore, Imtilak believes in working as an integrated teamwork, respect the rights of the employees, and apply the humanitarian and ethical standards in dealing with them.

Imtilak Real Estate always aims to work with the best people to maintain a good reputation and improve the excellent services. The successful employee must be courteous and well-mannered to deliver the best services to Imtilak valued customers.

The rapid growth of the real estate investment and marketing in Turkey imposes an increased demand on the specialized and qualified companies to serve suitable investment opportunities. Such opportunities need professional and high-quality staff to be defined, which we, in Imtilak Real Estate Company, strive for.

To apply for Jobs in Imtilak Real Estate Company please click here.

To fill the employment application in Imtilak Real Estate Company please click here.

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