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Imtilak Testimonials
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Day after day, the testimonials of our customers continue to draw the true picture of the integrated services provided by Imtilak Real Estate before and after the sale through its experienced and trained staff. We leave you with these testimonials, which we consider to be a source of pride and honor... 

Dr. Abdulaziz Mahyoub - Honorary Consul of Yemen in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate: Welcome, Dr. Abdul Aziz in Imtilak Real Estate

We were very happy, it was an honor to offer our services, and it was really a pleasant experience for us.

We would like to know how you selected the property in Turkey, and how were Imtilak services in this aspect.

Consul: First, I would like to thank you for the services you offered

Honestly, All employees working with you in the company are excellent

I dealt with them as friends rather than as a client

Everyone has aims of buying the property

On this basis, I chose what is beautiful, small, near, wonderful services, nice designs, which is called the Hotel Apartment.

I chose this type, after communicating with you more than once, I came and I know what I want

I signed the contract and then I went to the airport and I trusted them to the extent that I didn’t want to see anything.

A 14-page contract.

I’m sure that I won’t choose better than Imtilak Real Estate.

I authorized them and gave them all my trust, and thank god I got a good property.

Imtilak Real Estate: Thank you, we are so happy to hear that

We definitely had the honor to offer service while buying the property

And now our services with the after-sales service department - God willing - are continuing

Through your experience, how did you feel about your after-sales services?

Consul: Frankly, after-sales services are more important than services during the sale

Because after buying, you will face a lot of problems

Like collecting and ratifying papers, leasing the property and the problem of preparing the property in terms of furniture and furnishing and other problems that appear out of nothing

However, Imtilak team were so interactive and helpful with me. That's not a compliment, all their services were great

At first, I didn’t believe that there is such a service, usually, after buying a property, the company tells you and thank you for buying and good-bye, but for Imtilak, they are distinct from others, thanks to Allah and then to this wise management.

Imtilak Real Estate: Dr. Abdul Aziz! We recommend you to invest in Turkey

Of course, we will provide during and after-sales services. You are among your family at Imtilak.

Anyway, our team will be at your service at any time you need.

Consul: You cannot imagine how happy I will be when I see Imtilak growing in this way and offer its services more.

I feel like we are the first people who came and buy a house here.

I usually don’t decide easily, I study, prospect, and examine until I decide, but all the indications were great, and so I thank Allah

I gained more than property

I gained acquaintances in this company and friends.

Imtilak Real Estate: Dr. Abdul Aziz! Turkey is a country that welcomes foreigners and has many opportunities for investment

Now the opportunity of Turkish citizenship is a great opportunity, thank Allah

The Turkish government, as you have mentioned, has proven its seriousness

About facilitating the acquisition of Turkish citizenship within a short period of time, and God willing, we are ready for all services to do our best, we are committed to that, God willing.

Dr. Kamal Al-Hamdani – Iraq

Imtilak Real Estate: Dr. Kamal, we welcome you in Imtilak Real Estate

Would you please introduce yourself and tell your story with Imtilak Real Estate

Dr. Kamal: Dr. Kamal Al - Hamdani specialized in Soner and an Iraqi citizen  

Recently, I got Turkish citizenship, thanks to Allah; I used to browse YouTube and the internet, and when I come to Istanbul, I see the ads. I’ve seen and noticed Imtlak's ads in many places

I was impressed, and I visited Imtilak, then and I owned property through them thanks to Allah.

Imtilak Real Estate: Dr. Kamal, would you please talk about the story of property purchase through Imtilak Real Estate?

Dr. Kamal: I contacted Imtilak before coming to Istanbul, I mean from outside Istanbul.

We booked an appointment with the company's team. When we arrived in Istanbul, the team contacted us and they set us an appointment.

They used to come and take us from the place of residence and they took us on a real estate tour to many places such as new residential complexes I mean, as you desire.

Whether you want the city center or outskirts at average or high prices.

The team have a good experience; we made a decision with their help of course. However, their real estate experience has really been beneficial.

Imtilak Real Estate: Dr. Jamal is it possible to give us an idea of how to apply for Turkish citizenship and Imtilak services?

Dr. Kamal: The matter was bizarre to me I did not know anything about it, but with the help of experiences of Imtilak, we have started it with steps.

The first step was the property's ownership as they helped me to change the purchase value from the bank and the issue of receipts and bills. I have no experience in this.

If you ask me about the medical subject, I have experience of course but not in the real estate subject.

They really benefited me in this matter. We thankfully bought the property.

The property value must exceed 250 thousand $; they also helped in assessing the property In order to conform to the conditions of citizenship. Then, we started the residency procedures that lead to citizenship and then we began the citizenship stages. Things were easy but needed some requirements and Imtilak managed the matter.

Imtilak Real Estate: How long did it take to obtain Turkish citizenship from the date of submission?

Dr. Kamal: From the date of submission for Turkish nationality, it was 15 -02 to 15-5 it took about three months.

After issuing the decision to get citizenship, I thought that Imtilak would stop supporting me, but they accompanied me to the Directorate-General of Census to take fingerprints where they took me from the place of residence by their private cars with an employee who speaks Arabic, English and Turkish to deal with Turkish employees.

Once the procedures are completed, they take me back to my residential place and this was a good matter to mention for Imtilak.

Imtilak Real Estate: Did you have any concerns about obtaining Turkish citizenship through buying a property in Turkey?

Dr. Kamal: Actually, I was one of those who have doubts about whether I would face problems with this matter of not as I have no experience and not getting in touch with anyone other than Imtilak.

On the contrary, I saw trust and security. Dealing with Imtilak and its employees means trust and reliance.

On the other hand, their respect and kindness in dealing with customers are very classy I appreciate that for them.

Imtilak Real Estate: Doctor, what do you like to add for people who want to invest in or visit Turkey?

Dr. Kamal: According to my experience with Imtilak, I recommend investment honestly As Iraqi, I recommend my Iraqi brothers.

Even for non-Iraqis Imtilak treat all customers with the same way, Therefore, I recommend Imtilak Real Estate to my Iraqi bothers.

Imtilak Real Estate: Doctor, I would like to thank you again and I wish you happy days in Turkey.

Professor Hadji Anwar – Morocco

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah Almighty

I am Hadji Anwar from Morocco

I dealt with Imtilak Real Estate Company and I bought a property in Turkey through Imtilak that helped me a lot. Thank Allah. I will explain my experience to you in general. In this video, I will explain the facilities offered by Turkey to people coming from outside the country.

Facilities are:

First: papers are very easy and the employees in the company prepare them to you, means you do not need any effort or fatigue and it will take a short time.

As for the tax number, when I was in Morocco. Imtilak also issued the tax number to me.

For the opportunity in Turkey is now the best chance due to the decline of the Turkish lira, for Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

The development in Turkey is great in the infrastructure between the past years and now, and this is an Islamic country like Morocco that does not differ greatly in the culture of people.

People who want to invest, Real estate companies here help you with everything, and among all these companies, the most important company and the largest company and the best company is Imtilak Real Estate.

Upon arrival, they come to your place of residence, take you on real estate tours, inform you of all existing real estate projects, and advise you on government-guaranteed and reliable projects. 

Secondly, if you buy a property and want to lease it, Imtilak will help you with this. If you want to furnish a house and do decorative work, they can help with that as well. If you want to sell it, they will assist you in doing so.

Moreover, the installment plans in Imtilak projects are without interest, and as I said, it is possible to buy a commercial, residential or investment property and the prices are good for the Moroccan currency.

They accompany you to the construction companies, ensure you the best price, and do not leave you alone.

Third: They get you the tax number without bothering you, as well as opening the bank account and assisting in receiving the deed of ownership.

I liked Imtilak Real Estate a lot. They have employees from the western Arabic countries: Tunisia, Algeria and from Syria as well, and talk to their clients with their local dialects.

They have many videos for projects and can find what is cheap and expensive, I am very happy to deal with Imtilak, and Allah willing, I will continue dealing with them in the future.

Mr. Osama Rashed – Syria

Salam Alaikum, I am Osama Rashid I would like to share my experience with buying a property in Turkey.

Frankly, in the beginning, I was a lot hesitant, I do not know who I am dealing with, and I've heard about frauds in real estate.

However, thank Allah I came to a company called Imtilak Real Estate. I met her through social networks. Her evaluation was very high. I contacted them. They greeted me from the time I arrived at the airport and the next day we went on real estate tours for several days to several projects.

Of course, their goal was not only to sell the property, but they gave me real estate advice and advised me of the best investment property.

Several options are available as you wish, and on this basis, they offer you the appropriate projects for you.

Buying a property needs to trust, so you must deal with a reliable company, and I personally advise you very much of Imtilak Real Estate company from personal experience with them.

Many thanks

Mohammed Ahmed bin Jabal - Saudi Arabia

I came from Saudi Arabia for the purpose of buying and investing in a property. I found Imtilak website on the Internet. They contacted me continuously in the morning and in the evening to facilitate my arrival in Turkey. They received me from the airport, and then they took me to all the projects that they manage, I almost visited all the projects, thank Allah I owned in two projects through them and bought an apartment in Mall of Istanbul.

They have done their job perfectly and more to provide back and forth services, opened the bank account, and received the title deed of ownership through them.

Now I have completed my purchase and are still receiving after-sales services even though all the procedures have been completed!

I thank the founders of the company, headed by Professor Abdullah Al-Hamad and all the staff in it and peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

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