The Historical Ortahisar District in Trabzon



The Historical Ortahisar District in Trabzon

Information About Ortahisar District in Trabzon

Located in the center of Trabzon, the district of Ortahisar is the ancient and important area of the city. It is the largest district and one of the oldest. It embraces many historical monuments that highlight the cultural identity Such as castles spread in the city center and along the coast. Where these castles and historical monuments that have been wrestling with the ages until we knew that the area was an important center of one of the oldest settlements in the region.

This area is easily connected to the rest of the city, where bus trips and public transport are frequent, and it does not suffer from traffic congestion, By virtue of its being a central area, it contains most of the official and informal institutions in the city, It has the main campus of the Black Sea Technical University, which is one of the most important Turkish universities. It also hosts some of the University's most important hospitals and health, cultural and social centers. The region also hosts some of the city's foreign consulates.

Infrastructure of OrtaHisar District in Trabzon

The area embraces many urban transformation projects that will significantly contribute to changing its reputation, Such as the urbanization project of the Zaknos Valley, which aims at acquiring and demolishing the old Trabzon properties and expanding the public park, The urbanization project in the center of the area aims to highlight the historic identity of it by renovating the ancient historic houses and setting up a historical museum in the center of the city, moreover, These projects will attract large numbers of tourists. There are also many modernization and urbanization projects carried out by the municipality, such as public gardens, AQUARİUM, various cultural and entertainment centers. The real estate investments in Ortahisar have increased in recent years. Many real estate projects are ready and under construction. The area also has some of the city's upscale neighborhoods such as Bostancı and Boztepe, Which is one of the most preferred areas of Trabzon in the field of real estate investment for foreign investors, especially the Gulf countries, where buyers turn to buy apartments in Trabzon for the importance of this vital area.

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Tourism in Ortahisar Trabzon

This beautiful area has been a center of attraction since ancient times, as it is located on the Black Sea coast on a flat land covered by vegetables and surrounded by two deep valleys, the Zaknos Valley to the east and Tkabhana Valley from the west. The area on the ancient Silk Road has increased its importance and has become the focus of attention of local and foreign forces. The location of the area on the ancient Silk Road has increased its importance and made it the focus of attention of local and foreign powers.

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