Sariyer District in Istanbul: Where Sea and Mountains Collide

Sarıyer district of Istanbul is unique to tourists and investors alike, both inside and outside Turkey due to its amazing characteristics.

Sariyer District in Istanbul: Where Sea and Mountains Collide
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Sariyer District in Istanbul: Where Sea and Mountains Collide

Where is Sariyer Located in Istanbul?

With its unique location on the Bosphorus, Sarıyer district of Istanbul is unique to tourists and investors alike, both inside and outside Turkey due to its amazing characteristics.

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Sarıyer covers a wide area of 161 km 2 and has a population of around 289,000, also it is one of the charming areas overlooking the Bosporus and is a major tourist center in Istanbul.

In a rare phenomenon in the world, and only once in the summer of each year, the waters of the Bosphorus Strait turn from the usual dark blue sea color to pure turquoise, the color that the Ottomans love historically, so they had adorned the walls of their mosques, and painted the landmarks of civilization from their monuments, so you hardly see a building devoid of this color.

When orientalists noticed the love of the Turks for this, they called this color Turk Oise in the sense of the Turkish stone, because of its strong attachment to the monuments of their civilization.

Sariyer District in Istanbul

A combination of prestige and delight, enjoyed by the privileged Bosphorus Strait, and accommodation in a house overlooking it, thus, this is the secret that distinguishes Sarıyer district in Istanbul.

Unique Services in Sariyer Area in Istanbul

Sarıyer is one of the richest areas of service and entertainment facilities in Istanbul. The most important of these places:

  • Government hospital overlooking the Bosphorus and provides integrated medical care services is a hospital: Metin Sabancı Baltalimanı Kemik Hastalıkları Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi

Sariyer area in istanbul

  • Sports facilities Metin Oktay Spor Tesisi (Municipality)
  • Restaurant and facilities İSTİNYE SOSYAL TESİSİ (Municipality)

apartments for sale in Sariyer

  • Kireçburnu Sahili coast
tourism sites in Sariyer istanbul

Historical and Tourism Sites in Sariyer District in Istanbul

Rumelihisari Castle 

The history here in Sarıyer is present and strongly represented by the famous fortress of Romeli Siege, which was once a witness to the siege of Istanbul and then opened as its name suggests.

مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي

As for the most beautiful of the hosts of the pleasures of nature, it is enough to follow the footsteps of tourists, especially in the spring, to find yourself in a paradise of colors reflected in the garden of Emirgân where the Tulip flowers takes your heart, it’s indescribable due to its beauty in spring seasons.

emirgan park in istanbul

If you want to roam through the untouched virgin forest, head west to Sarıyer, where the vast forests of Belgrade extend, the Istanbul lung through which you breathe.

emirgan park

The northern part of Sarıyer is a sandy beach that extends over the Black Sea coastline and includes the most beautiful beaches of the Black Sea and the closest to the center of Istanbul.

Sariyer Real Estate- Luxury Architectural Properties

Besides classifying it as the safest area of earthquakes as the third most luxurious and most expensive area in Turkey, as you walk along the Bosphorus, you will notice those magnificent yachts on its banks, next to luxury properties and historical or modern palaces of a lavish nature making it a destination for elite and celebrities, so investors view it as Istanbul's investment paradise.

luxury real estate projects in sariyer

Administratively, the municipality of Sarıyer in Istanbul includes many neighborhoods and villages including:

Kumköy (Kilyos)













Perhaps the most important in relation to the real estate sector in general and the field of private companies and offices is Maslak.

Maslak Area in Istanbul- A Thriving Investment Destination

  • The area of the Maslak is a forest of office and residential towers with revolutionary designs and bold engineering.
  • It is based on modern transportation network and is truly an ideal place for everyone who wants to invest in Istanbul.
  • Maslak is surrounded by many universities, hospitals, business centers, and banks.
  • Views are the basis for the excellence of the district, based on the concept of height. In addition to the design of high towers, the Maslak is originally located at the high points in Istanbul.

Sarıyer Istanbul

At Imtilak Real Estate, we are pleased to offer you the best properties to own in the most prestigious residential projects in Sarıyer district, If you are looking for apartments for sale in Sarıyer, we are pleased when you contact us directly to provide real estate consultancy suitable to your needs, and most of our real estate services are free!

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

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