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The Number of Universities and Airports in Turkey Has Doubled within 15 Years

The Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Turkey, Sulaiman Sweileh told the media in an interview that the number...

Turkish Projects Reach the AEC Excellence Awards 2017

The Metro line "Kabatsh- Mecediakoy - Mahmoutbey" and Istanbul III Airport entered the "2017 AEC Excellence Awards, whic...

The Mega Projects’ Budget in Turkey Exceeds the National Income of 130 Countries

these projects have Turkey managed to exceed the national revenues of countries such as Bulgaria, Libya, Uruguay, Sloven...

Turkey's Economy Ranks the First in 2030

Turkey will make progress with its economy, ranking 12th and leaving behind many European countries, according to the PW...

Turkey Aims to Be the Tenth Economy in the World

Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibekci said that his country aims to reach its tenth place in the world and the third in...

The Halal Tourism in Turkey and the World

Last year has witnessed a spend of $ 156 billion on halal tourism worldwide...

Antalya the Destination of Arab and Foreign Investors in Turkey

The Turkish city of Antalya is one of the most visited destinations in Turkey for tourism or investment...

The Massive Zigana Tunnel Project in the Black Sea Region

Turkish Prime Minister’s assistant Fikri Ishik said that the work on the massive Zigana tunnel is under way and that 8 k...

Saudi Arabia's Ownership Increased by 400 Percent in Turkey

Real estate reports indicate a high demand for Arab investors in general and Gulf and Saudi investors in particular on T...

Encouragement to Use the Solar Energy in the Turkish Real Estate

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a major transformation in terms of the use of sustainable and renewable e...

Rise in the UAE investments' volume in Turkey

Turkish newspaper Hurriyet published an article on the Turkish-Gulf relations, which dealt with the relations between th...

Real Estate Investment in Turkey is the best Investment for Investors

The Central Bank of Turkey (CBK) said in a report released yesterday that the real estate sector continued to pay big di...

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