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Turkey Finishes the Production of the First Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle

As Turkey is going on the industrial and technological development in various fields and sectors, vehicles sector is wha...

Aramco Signs 18 Deals for Economic Projects in Turkey

On the sidelines of the World Energy Congress taking place in Istanbul until the thirteenth of this month, October 2016,...

Turkey is the Favorite Destination for Qataris Tourist

Within the visit of the Environment Minister of Qatar, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rumaihi, to "Expo 2016 Antalya," he said...

Details of granting Turkish citizenship to the foreign investors

Mr. Lütfi Elvan, the Turkish Minister of Development, said that the Turkish Council of Ministers would issue a decision...

Turkey finishes manufacturing its own aircraft by 2023

The manufacturing of the local Turkish aircraft TF-X is going on by leaps and bounds, as the designs for the Turkish air...

Marked Arabic demand for investment in Trabzon

Like the other Turkish cities, the city of Trabzon is witnessing a remarkable demand by many Arab investors, who want to...

Turkey plans to establish a space agency

After the great success Turkey has made in the field of space technology through developing many new satellites, the Tur...

Turkey is the best route for gas to Europe

In his assessment done about the position of Turkey in the European energy markets, the Oil and Gas Business Improvement...

Development of drones industry in Turkey

Turkey occupies an advanced position in the field of UAVs manufacturing. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), commonly known...

The winter-summer time system is abolished in Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, announced that winter time will no longer be implemented in Turkey starting fro...

The impact of metro lines and airports on real estate prices in Istanbul

The impact of metro lines and airports on real estate prices in Istanbul

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