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The Syrians are the highest percentage of investors in Turkey

: 2016-11-17 Modified date : 2019-10-03

The Syrians are the highest percentage of investors in Turkey
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Dr. Ça?r? Bulut, a faculty member at the operating department at Ya?ar University, said that the number of the Syrian activities and shops have increased since the Syrian investment in Turkey is 10% of the total foreign investment in the country.

He added, "I expect that the number of the unregistered commercial activities is more than 10,000 commercial activities. The Syrian contractors’ activities have reached 10% of the foreign investment in Turkey.

Mr. Bulut clarified in a statement citing the statistics of (TOBB) that the Syrian investors in 2011 established 81 companies with a capital of 11 million Turkish lira, and 4963 companies with a capital of 700 million Turkish lira over the outgoing 5.5 years.

He said also that the number of the companies established by the Syrian investors during the month of September of this year has reached up to about 1371 companies, especially in the vital industrial places such as Gaziantep, Istanbul, Mersin, Bursa, and the large industrial cities. Moreover, food and real estate services, restaurants, and cars have witnessed a huge turnout, especially on real estate in Turkey.

Mr. Bulut monitored that the Syrian contractors established their commercial activities after reviewing the place and the surrounding environment targeting by their commercial activities the places where their compatriots are dwelling to be established accordingly.

Moreover, a large part of those who established companies and because of these companies were able to get permissions to work through it.

Furthermore, issuing a method to the foreign investors and including the economic returns in is positive and welcomed.

For example, issuing special cards for the Syrian investors of low capital.

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