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Legal affairs in Turkey

30,000 Apartments have been sold through the electronic title deed system

Turkey is taking important measures to ensure the continued movement of real estate, what are these steps and how do we...

Own Real Estate from your home | A new way for real estate ownership

Now you can buy your property from your home. The General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey...

In exchange for buying a real estate, number of people who obtain Turkish citizenship increases

Obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying real estate is the perfect solution for foreign investors, especial...

Two decisions to partially exempt two Arab nationalities from Turkey's entry visa

Presidential decisions exempt Algerian and Libyan nationals of certain ages from getting Turkish visa and specify the du...

Turkish Citizenship Transactions will Be Done Online

In order to properly guide a foreign citizen who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship, the Directorate General of Tabu...

The Countdown to the Istanbul Canal Project Tender Begins

Istanbul Canal project is a vital project for all those interested in Istanbul and Turkey, whether citizens, residents o...

A New Decision Allows Eritreans to Own Property in Turkey

The Turkish Presidency issued a new decision, which allows Eritreans in Turkey to own real estate within the territory o...

Turkey's Passport Is Ranked 34th in the World

In remarkable progress, the Turkish passport advances globally. Turkey's passport has made a new advanced position accor...

Energy Performance Certificate Will Be Required When Selling and Leasing Houses in Turkey

Energy Performance Certificate is an application that classifies buildings in terms of energy performance into categorie...

Turkish Land Registry Directorate Opens Offices in 5 Countries

Turkish and foreign citizens who wish to buy and sell real estate in Turkey will be able to carry out the registration a...

Important and Modern Amendments to the Title Deed Registration System in Turkey

The Tabu, or the Turkish Land Register, is the body authorized to issue the document proving the ownership of the proper...

981 Foreign Investors Got Turkish Citizenship

According to data from the Directorate General of Census and Citizenship in the Turkish Ministry of the Interior: It was...

How to Calculate the Real Estate Tax for 2019 in Turkey?

It is essential to explain in some detail how the real estate tax is calculated, as shown in the calculation of the real...

Extending Vat Reduction in Turkey for a Limited Period

Great discounts on VAT when buying homes for a limited period

Tidings for Syrians Real Estate Ownership in Turkey

Mr. Abdulla Al Hammad stressed the importance of the meeting, expressing his deep gratitude for the constructive ideas a...

Citizenship includes Those Who Bought Properties before the Turkish Nationality Law

Great news for property owners bought in Turkey before the issuance of the Turkish Nationality Law

Termination of Illegal Transactions in the Foreign Ownership of the Property

In a report published by the Turkish newspaper "Haber", it was reported that the real estate appraisal report will be in...

Is the Palestinian Entitled to Own Property in Turkey? Finally a Turkish Decision Allows!

Is the Palestinian entitled to own property in Turkey? Finally, Turkey allows all Palestinians to own real estate in Tur...

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship

The Marine City in Istanbul, a real work of art!

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship
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