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Apartment sales doubled in Turkey during April 2021

Sales of apartments in Turkey are witnessing a high increase during the month of April of this year, according to the la...

High rates of sales of apartments to foreigners in Turkey

According to information from Statistics Turkey, an increase of 416.1% in apartment sales to foreigners in Turkey TÜİK

More than 850,000 properties were sold during the first quarter of 2021 in Turkey

The sales of all forms of real estate in Turkey reached more than 850,000 properties, during the first months of 2021, a...

Upcoming record sales in the Turkish real estate sector

Expectations of record sales of nearly 15 thousand apartments in the first 3 months following the complete closure in Tu...

When will work start on the first bridge of the new Istanbul Canal?

The cornerstone for the first bridge to cross the Istanbul Canal route was placed in late June of this year, according t...

Antalya competes with Istanbul in foreign investment

According to experts: A historical demand for foreigners to buy real estate in the Turkish capital of tourism, Antalya!

2.7 million tourists in Turkey during the first quarter of 2021

According to the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, the number of tourist visitors in Turkey reached 2.7 million during the fi...

Istanbul airport will surpass Heathrow airport in terms of passenger numbers

Heathrow Airport in Britain will lose its European crown to Istanbul International Airport in terms of passenger numbers...

Resumption of flights coming from Britain and Denmark to Turkey

Turkish Airlines announced the resumption of flights from Britain and Denmark to Turkey on condition of a negative PCR t...

Significant increase in the number of new companies in Turkey

The number of new companies in Turkey increased by 15% in the first quarter of 2021, according to a statement issued by...

Turkey is proud of black stone blocks in its mosques

By order of Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent, 5 pieces of the black stone in the Holy Kaaba were brought and placed in t...

Reception of 17 million tourists since the start of Coronavirus in Turkey

17 million tourists visited Turkey since the Coronavirus pandemic until February of this year 2021, according to the sta...

Grand Palace

Spacious luxurious apartments in the center of Istanbul with a mosque, school, and an ancient market

Grand Palace
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