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Erdogan | Istanbul Canal Project Cannot be Postponed

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the Istanbul Canal project is a project that cannot...

In numbers | Foreigners' Demand for Turkish Real Estate Increases

Demand for Turkish real estate by foreign investors is increasing yearly, according to data of the General Directorate o...

Foreign Investment in Turkey Is Constantly Increasing

The rise of foreign investment in Turkey and the accelerated rise that it witnessed at all levels, has led to an increas...

Turkish Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates

The Turkish Central Bank issued a decision to reduce the monthly interest rate by 200 points to 12%, instead of 14% on r...

11 Thousand Foreign Companies Established In Turkey in 10 Months

Turkish official data showed that 10682 foreign companies have been established in Turkey between January and October 20...

Imtilak Real Estate Company Hosted by Kağıthane Municipality, Istanbul

The Director of Public Relations of the Imtilak Real Estate Company Mr. Badr Al-Din Mardini made a friendly visit to the...

Imtilak Group Participates in the Qatari – Turkish Law and Investment Forum

The Qatari Law and Investment Forum holds sessions in the city of Istanbul, with broad participation of a number of offi...

Istanbul Canal: The Shinning Project in the Sky of Istanbul

Istanbul Canal is a vital project that will enlighten the city of Istanbul in the coming years, and it is the historical...

Rise in Turkey Properties/Apartments Sales in December 2019

Properties sales in Turkey in general and the investment sector in residential apartments, in particular, have experienc...

Qatari Investments in Turkey | 7 Billion Dollars in Favor of the Turkish Real Estate Sector

Qatar will continue to invest in Turkey, whether in banking sector or in real estate sector, we put a plan to support bo...

Increase in Construction Costs In Turkey: An Excellent Opportunity to Buy Now

The Construction Cost Index in September 2019 increased by 4.02% compared to September 2018

Real Estate Sales: Progress in the Sale of Apartments

Property sales in Turkey in general and the residential investment sector in particular, have witnessed a qualitative le...

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Route Istanbul project
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