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Historical figures in Antalya real estate sales to foreigners

Antalya's real estate records unprecedented sales to foreigners during the seventh month of the year, with expectations...

Increasing foreign demand for palaces in the Bosphorus Strait

Large demand from foreign investors for historic palaces and luxury villas on the banks of the Bosphorus

The number of building permits granted in Turkey increased by 105.6%

The number of building permits granted in Turkey in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 105.6% compared to the same p...

The price of a new home in Turkey increased by 107.80%

Great interest from foreign investors in luxury real estate projects in Turkey, according to the report: "New Home Price...

Real estate in Turkey: Almost 1.5 million properties sold since early 2021

In general, the number of properties sold in Turkey reached about one and a half million during the first seven months o...

Apartment sales to foreigners in Turkey increased by 64%

The sales of apartments to foreigners in Turkey for the month of July of this year made a 64% increase compared to the s...

18,000 foreign investors obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate

The number of real estate investors who obtained Turkish citizenship from 2017 until the end of June of this year reache...

Find out the prices of apartments in the Turkish states for the month of June 2021

While the cities of Yalova, Mugla, and Sakarya accounted for the largest share of the rise in apartment prices, the rest...

Turkish Airlines: More than 20 million passengers since the beginning of 2021

Turkish Airlines has transported more than 20 million passengers since the beginning of this year, according to a statem...

North Marmara Road raises the prices of some lands to more than 100 times

Experts point out that the North Marmara Road, since its inception, has led to a significant increase in the prices of c...

President of Turkey: Rising growth in the Turkish economy during 2021

Indicators in the Turkish economy indicate high growth rates during 2021, coinciding with an expected decrease in the in...

How do experts evaluate the importance of the Istanbul Canal?

Find out through Imtilak Real Estate the great importance of the Istanbul Water Canal, which will greatly contribute to...

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship
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