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Turkey plans to establish a space agency

: 2016-09-17

Turkey plans to establish a space agency
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After the great success Turkey has made in the field of space technology through developing many new satellites, the Turkish government plans to establish a satellite launch center (SLC), and the concerned authorities are actually working on the bill to do so.

In an interview conducted with Mr. Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, by a local newspaper, he said: "Besides our current business and projects to produce our own satellites depending on local cadres, we have at the same time attempts to establish satellite launch centers (SLC) in Turkey."

Mr. ‘’Özlü’’ added that his ministry takes on the task of coordinating and organizing the work in order to create the Turkish space agency, and the bill is currently being prepared. He also emphasized that the finishing touches has been done and the final shape of the bill is put, pointing that a Turkish national space foundation will be established in Turkey, in conjunction with the issuance of the bill.

However, the main tasks entrusted to the agency shall be including carrying out all the space activities and events in Turkey, contributing to raise the benefit of Turkey from the space to be as it is in the developed countries, producing and planning satellites, and establishing satellite launch center (SLC) and systems.

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