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Turkey Finishes the Production of the First Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle

: 2016-10-19

Turkey Finishes the Production of the First Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle
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As Turkey is going on the industrial and technological development in various fields and sectors, vehicles sector is what we are talking about today. The Turkish company 'ENBO,'  specialized in manufacturing and developing the electric vehicles, offered a model of an electric environmentally-friendly vehicle, which ENBO is planning to start manufacturing the next few months, after getting the approval from the Turkish authorities.

According to a report published by ''Yeni ?afak'' newspaper, the vehicle presented at ''Bega'' Exhibition, which is specialized in agricultural technology and livestock, where the car and its featured were applauded by a lot of companies.

Charging cost will not exceed a dollar!

Regarding the specifications of the car, Hakan Ceray, manufacturing company representative, said, ''the car is able to cover a distance up to 100 kilometers at speeds up to 45 km / h, using a rechargeable electronic battery survives for more than two hours and a half, stressing that the cost of charging will not exceed a dollar.''

Ceray confirmed that the first car of its kind in Turkey, will be wholly manufactured in Turkish factories, after obtaining the necessary licenses from the Turkish Ministry of Industry. The vehicle price will range between 10 thousand and 16 thousand Turkish liras which equals 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

Technical specifications of the vehicle

The car that accommodates two people is characterized by systems very similar to those in other cars in addition to a complete protection system and remote control. Moreover, the car can easily go backwards unlike the previous models created by the company.

The vehicle will be exported to Turkey’s markets and many countries in the world as soon as it is manufactured, at the beginning of the next year, as the company declared. The company confirmed that it designed the car with three wheels to suit different environmental conditions where the doors can be removed in summer and installed in winter. The car also does not need a special license; the holders of the regular licenses can ride it, as the manufacturer announced.

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