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Turkey Enters the Ranking of the World's Richest Countries

: 2016-10-22

Turkey Enters the Ranking of the World's Richest Countries
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On a continuous basis, statistical centers and institutes, which are interested in the economic growth and development of the countries, keep developing economic studies and evaluations. Exploring the most recent reports, the Turkish site "Haber 7" published an economic report talking about the classification of the richest countries in the world by 2050, putting China on the top of the list with income about 25.33 trillion dollars, while Turkey ranked 12, with income up to 2.15 trillion dollars.

The report stated that Turkey will surpass many of the countries which today direct the global economy such as Russia, South Korea, Netherlands, Argentina, Spain, Australia, and Sweden. According to the list prepared by the report, Russia will rank fifteen among the largest countries in the world in terms of their economy in 2050.

The adopted standards of classification

The classification took into account the educational system standards, democratic rights, birth rates, the sovereignty of the judiciary, and many other essential indicators such as:

Worker usage ratio.

Worker population ratio.

The size of workforce.

The rate of aging.

Herein we review the most 15 important countries on the list in descending order:

15. Russia: people's income is 1.87 trillion dollars.

14. Spain: people's income is 1.95 trillion dollars.

13. South Korea: people's income is 2.06 trillion dollars.

12. Turkey: people's income is 2.15 trillion dollars.

11. Italy: people's income is 2.19 trillion dollars.

10. Canada: people's income is 2.29 trillion dollars.

9. France: people's income is 2.75 trillion dollars.

8. Mexico: people's income is 2.81 trillion dollars.

7. Brazil: people's income is 2.96 trillion dollars.

6. England: people's income is 3.58 trillion dollars.

5. Germany: people's income is 3.71 trillion dollars.

4. Japan: people's income is 6.43 trillion dollars.

3. India: people's income level of $ 8.17 trillion dollars.

2. United States: people's income people's 22.27 trillion dollars.

1. China: People's income is 25.33 trillion dollars.

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