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Under Construction Apartments for Sale in Medina

Advantages of Buying an Under-Construction Apartment in Medina

Buying an under-construction apartment in Medina is a unique investment opportunity that offers buyers many advantages. This city combines spiritual value with economic opportunities, making it an ideal place for living and investing.

  • Competitive Prices: Buying an under-construction apartment allows access to much lower prices than those after the building is completed. Buyers can benefit from the significant price difference to achieve future financial gains.
  • Pre-Planning: Buyers can customize the apartment's specifications to suit their desires and needs, from interior decorations to room distribution, giving them the opportunity to turn the apartment into their dream home.
  • Strategic Location: Many under-construction projects are located in the best parts of Medina, ensuring easy access to essential services, public facilities, and shopping centers.
  • Increase in Property Value: The value of apartments significantly increases once the construction is completed and they are delivered. This increase in value is a very profitable investment for those looking for profit in the real estate market.
  • Guarantees and Facilitations: Construction companies offer guarantees that cover various aspects of building and finishing, in addition to payment facilitations that help buyers afford the purchase more comfortably.

Advantages of Investing in Under-Construction Apartments in Medina

Investing in under-construction apartments offers opportunities for high financial returns, especially in a city of great importance like Medina. This city attracts investors due to the increasing demand and population growth.

  • Increased Demand: The demand for properties in Medina is increasing due to population growth and rapid development, making investing in under-construction apartments a viable option.
  • Profitable Returns: Under-construction apartments offer an opportunity to invest at attractive prices that allow achieving high-profit returns once the construction is completed and prices rise.
  • Installment and Financing: Many real estate companies provide payment facilitations and flexible financing options, making investment more attractive to investors who do not wish to pay the full amounts at once.
  • Diversity of Properties: Investors can choose from a wide range of apartments with various sizes and designs, enhancing investment opportunities and attracting different segments of buyers.
  • Economic Stability: Medina enjoys continuous economic growth and stability, making investing in under-construction properties a safe and guaranteed investment. Regarding the return on investment, under-construction apartments offer higher returns compared to ready apartments due to the rapid increase in their value after construction completion. Investors benefit from the price rise immediately after the units are delivered, meaning significant financial gains in a relatively short time.

Under Construction Apartments for Sale in Medina

Average Prices of Under-Construction Apartments in Medina

The average prices of under-construction apartments in Medina vary greatly based on multiple factors such as location, size, real estate developer, and the specific specifications of each project. Prices start at around 250,000 Saudi Riyals for small and simple apartments and may reach 750,000 Saudi Riyals or more for larger and more luxurious apartments.

This diversity makes the market attractive to all categories of investors and buyers looking for housing. The period following the start of construction sees reduced prices compared to the prices after the completion of construction and delivery of units.

This time is ideal for those looking for profitable investment or even those who want to get housing at a lower cost. Prices are expected to rise significantly once construction is completed, meaning that buying during the construction phase provides an opportunity for significant gains when selling in the future or even when living in an apartment that has gained higher market value.

Under-Construction Apartments for Sale in Medina by Imtilak Global

Imtilak Global is our company specializing in the real estate market in Medina, with contracts with the best real estate development companies in the city. Imtilak Global enables clients to find the ideal options that match their budgets and residential and investment needs.

Among the projects we market, the "Anwar" project stands out as an excellent example of under-construction apartments. This project is distinguished by its strategic location and modern design, offering a variety of apartments with different sizes to meet the needs of all clients.

Best Areas to Buy Under-Construction Apartments in Medina

Medina has several areas that are ideal for buying under-construction apartments, thanks to the diversity of options and significant investment opportunities. These areas provide buyers with the opportunity to live near religious places and essential services.

  • Al-Aziziya: The Al-Aziziya area is one of the most sought-after areas due to its proximity to the Prophet's Mosque and easy access to shopping centers and services. It features a variety of real estate projects that meet the needs of different clients.
  • King Fahd: This area is known for being newly developed and contains luxurious residential complexes. It offers apartments with modern designs and comprehensive facilities that suit families looking for luxury and security.
  • Quba: The Quba area is a strategic location for investors due to its proximity to the Prophet's Mosque and the availability of diverse services. It offers a wide range of residential options at reasonable prices and high quality.
  • Al-Bahr: The Al-Bahr area is distinguished as one of the new and growing areas in the city. It is popular among the youth and small families for its variety of residential options and affordable prices.
  • Al-Salam: The Al-Salam area is one of the promising areas in Medina, containing modern and advanced real estate projects that suit investors and those looking for new and modern housing.

Book a Free Real Estate Tour with Imtilak Global

At Imtilak Global, we offer a free real estate tour service, a unique opportunity for clients to explore the best real estate projects that match their expectations and desires. We start by studying the client's request and identifying the projects that meet their needs, then we accompany them on a free tour of these projects for them to choose what suits them best.

This service allows clients to directly evaluate the different options and choose the most suitable based on their criteria

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Update date: 2024-05-28

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