Learn more about residential building equipment in Turkey

Get to know everything about the equipment of the residential buildings in Turkey, and the expenses that result from it, the people who bear these expenses via Imtilak Real Estate.

Learn more about residential building equipment in Turkey

Recognize equipment expenses “Demirbasi”

The word “Demirbasi” refers to the premises and equipment located outside the independent real estate areas, which are separate from the facilities involved in construction and the residential complex. They are of common benefit to construction or complex occupants, which are essential equipment for protecting and facilitating the use of real estate parts.

One of the independent financial obligations of the landlord when purchasing the property in Turkey, and the maintenance of the property during the period of use of the property, is the expense of the equipment and maintenance of the residential buildings (Demirbasi) in real estate sales contracts based on Turkish law.

What's the cost of the equipment “Demirbasi”?

Equipment expenses in buildings and residential complexes in Turkey include all basic and additional alterations, which are of general benefit to owners of independent real estate parts, of which the main examples are:

  • The stalls and painting of the exterior facades of the buildings, as well as the maintenance of all apartment blocks + for the duration of ownership and use of the property.
  • Additions that serve to isolate roofs, facades and extensions + maintenance throughout the tenure and use of the property.
  • Attachments that could be added as later modifications, such as adding an elevator to a building that did not have an elevator.
  • Some other items may be added as basic building materials, and this is mentioned in the technical terms book for the independent real estate part.


Equipment of residential buildings

Who pays for general construction equipment?

In accordance with the Law on Layout Property and the Debt Law of Turkey, equipment expenses are a financial liability of the owner or buyer of the property. Anyone who buys a property must pay the cost of the equipment to the management of the residential complex, or to the construction where it has separate property.

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The owner of the house also has to pay their share of the maintenance of the equipment, even if the property is rented. In other words, maintenance expenses for basic equipment are not a financial responsibility of the lessee, if the lessee has not caused a failure or failure, or unless the lessee is held responsible for the basic equipment in the lease.

مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

How much for the supplies?

The cost of basic equipment varies according to the materials used for insulation, paint and general clothing, building facades and roofs, as well as between normal buildings and apartment blocks, which may be better equipped and more comprehensive.

The value of the equipment expenses is determined by the management of the residential complexes in Turkey, and a fixed amount is also determined that is paid periodically for the maintenance of the basic construction equipment.


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